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Vision Expo West 2018, ZEISS Booth LP10064

Join us in Las Vegas September 27 - 29, 2018 for Vision Expo West 2018. ZEISS has an exciting program lined up for you to experience. Hear expert in-booth lectures on retina and glaucoma, attend the Vision Series Symposia and hear how ZEISS products provide multi-disease solutions utilizing the integrated diagnostic imaging platform for your practice.

Vision Series Symposia

Capture, Transform and Apply – Managing Retinal Disease Today with Integrated Diagnostic Imaging Solutions

Hear the current state of diagnosing and managing Retinal Disease and how Integrated Diagnostic Imaging Solutions from ZEISS can help your Clinic’s workflow and efficiency. Capture quality data, transform data into insight and apply insight to your daily clinical practice. Get inside perspective from a Retinal specialist on what to expect when receiving referred patients.

Speakers: Diana Shechtman, OD, FAAO (Moderator); Aaron E. Lech, OD, FAAO; Carolyn Majcher, OD, FAAO; Rashid M. Taher, MD


Friday, September 28

1:15 PM – 2:30 PM

The Pressure is On – New Developments in Glaucoma Management

Hear the latest on the continuum of care in Glaucoma management with new developments in technology. Take away clinical pearls to revitalize the standard of care with advanced integrated diagnostic solutions.

Speakers: Murray Fingeret, OD, FAAO (Moderator); Mark Dunbar, OD, FAAO; Danica Marrelli, OD, FAAO


Saturday, September 29

7:00 AM – 8:15 AM

Meet the Experts

Join us at ZEISS Booth LP10064 for insightful open discussions with our panel of optometric experts. Check back periodically for updates as we continue to update this section with information about the upcoming Meet the Experts sessions.

Examining the Integrated Diagnostic Imaging Platform: Optimization for Efficiency and Flow

How can technology aid your clinical workflow? Hear from experts about first-hand experiences of adopting advanced diagnostic solutions to increase efficiency in their practice, assist in diagnosing and managing disease, and aid in furthering patient education.

Speakers: Michael Chaglasian, OD, FAAO; Aaron E. Lech, OD, FAAO

Thursday, September 27 

3:00 PM – 3:45 PM

Seeing is Believing: Providing a Diagnosis with Confidence – a Wide View into the Retina

See how a wider field of view in the latest CLARUS® 500 fundus imaging system, and increased field of view in OCT Angiography with CIRRUS™ 5000 HD-OCT with AngioPlex® aid in clinical diagnosis and management of retinal diseases. Listen to our co-presenters discuss the utilization of a wider field of view with personal cases.

Speakers: Patricia Fulmer, OD, FAAO; Carolyn Majcher, OD, FAAO

Friday, September 28

11:30 AM – 12:15 PM

Glaucoma Management – Providing a Faster Diagnosis without Compromise

Watch case-based presentations on interpreting and adopting technology to better diagnose and manage your glaucoma patients. Hear about new advancements in the gold standard of perimetry that allow for faster tests without compromising patient data.

Speakers: Ben Gaddie, OD, FAAO (Moderator); Richard Madonna, MA, OD, FAAO; Danica Marrelli, OD, FAAO

Friday, September 28

3:15 PM – 4:00 PM

Customer Service Portal

The ZEISS customer portal is a complimentary online resource for you to get quick and efficient service support from ZEISS, providing you with real time service status updates.

Come by the ZEISS booth Customer Service station to learn more and explore this valuable resource developed just for you. With a few simple steps, we will help get your account set up and started!

Integrated Diagnostic Imaging Platform by ZEISS

The key needs of ophthalmic practices today depend on new technologies that enable more effective and efficient chronic disease management. Doctors need faster transition of meaningful innovation into their practice. However, today’s implementation of multimodal imaging has become challenging since difficulty arises with how to take acquired data from separate devices, and organize it efficiently and then correlate that data within a single integrated point of view.

The Integrated Diagnostic Imaging platform from ZEISS is a software-driven solution that gathers, combines and associates data from different diagnostic devices, improving efficiency and decision making.

CIRRUS OCT with AngioPlex

CIRRUS™ HD-OCT with AngioPlex® allows for the visualization of both vascular and structural information from a single, non-invasive scan, making visualization of microvasculature of the retina a routine part of everyday care.


CLARUS® 500, next generation ultra-widefield fundus imaging from ZEISS is the first system to provide true color and clarity in an ultra-wide field of view – from the posterior pole to the far periphery.


The Humphrey® Field Analyzer 3 combines everything you’ve always valued in Humphrey with more than you can imagine to streamline your workflow. Enhance your patient’s experience by reducing testing time up to 50% with SITA Faster.


FORUM® from ZEISS streamlines practice workflow, providing access to all patient examinations and integrates seamlessly with existing IT landscapes and diagnostic instruments. Unique ZEISS FORUM workplace applications for retina and glaucoma patients allow you to assess the information you need to make confident decisions at a glance.

More to Come

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