November 16, 2013

New Glaucoma Diagnostic and Management Application from ZEISS supports Efficient Clinical Assessment at the Point of Care

FORUM Glaucoma Workplace from ZEISS brings together exam data and analysis in new clinically relevant ways to aid in the diagnosis and management of glaucoma

Carl Zeiss Meditec, the Medical Technology division of ZEISS, announces the US introduction of FORUM Glaucoma Workplace to aid doctors in their clinical assessments of glaucoma and to streamline their diagnostic workflow. The software application permits off-instrument HFA analysis and interactive Guided Progression Analysis (GPA). FORUM Combined Reports provide integrated assessment of structure and function at a glance.

DUBLIN, CA USA / JENA, GERMANY, 16 November 2013

US Introduction of FORUM Glaucoma Workplace from ZEISS
ZEISS announces the US release of a new glaucoma diagnostic and management software application, FORUM® Glaucoma Workplace. FORUM Glaucoma Workplace, an application available in the FORUM data management system, supports efficient clinical assessment at the point of care by delivering exam data in new clinically relevant ways.

“With FORUM and the new FORUM Glaucoma Workplace, ZEISS provides doctors with an integrated solution that allows them to see glaucoma in a completely different light -- by bringing together in new ways the structural and functional data and analyses from gold standard diagnostic devices,” says Dr. Ludwin Monz, President and CEO, Carl Zeiss Meditec AG.

FORUM Glaucoma Workplace provides off-instrument review of data from the Humphrey® Field Analyzer (HFA™) in the exam lane, and virtually anywhere in the practice. The application also enables interactive functional Guided Progression Analysis™ (GPA™) to help identify patients who are progressing and at risk for further visual field loss. With interactive GPA, doctors can adjust GPA parameters as needed, change baselines, reset baselines after surgery, or exclude outliers.

Through FORUM, clinicians have immediate access to visual field data, OCT scans, and fundus images to support their glaucoma diagnosis and management. The HFA-CIRRUS Combined Report simplifies interpretation and provides at-a-glance assessment of structural and functional data.

Comprehensive clinical applications and analyses for glaucoma through the gold standard CIRRUS OCT and HFA from ZEISS
CIRRUS™ OCT offers advanced clinical applications for the diagnosis and management of glaucoma and retinal diseases. Structural analyses are rapidly configured from the densely layered exam data of the CIRRUS SmartCube, exclusive to ZEISS, into informative maps, metrics and visualizations to aid doctors in their clinical assessments. The CIRRUS SmartCube enables anatomy-based Optic Nerve Head Assessment, first introduced by ZEISS in 2010, which accounts for complex disc morphology, including titled discs, atrophy, and other challenging pathologies. The SmartCube also enables doctors to confidently assess their patient’s glaucoma status with Ganglion Cell and RNFL Assessments and with structural GPA indicating statistically significant change over time to the RNFL and ONH. AutoCenter™ heightens the clinical efficiency and consistency by automatically placing the ONH and RNFL analyses on the disc.

The Gold Standard HFA analyzes visual fields and provides functional GPA and the Visual Field Index™ (VFI™), a simple and intuitive global index that illustrates trend over time to project future vision loss. Additionally, the HFA provides a GPA alert which indicates statistically significant deterioration over consecutive exams.

“With FORUM Glaucoma Workplace, ZEISS has truly created something exceptional. FORUM enables me to view structure and function together using dynamic and malleable data. Not only does it enhance my clinical capabilities, it expands them,” says Steven D. Vold, MD, President and Medical Director, Vold Vision.

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