April 23, 2013

FORUM Viewer App Makes Diagnostic Patient Data Available for Mobile Use

Intuitive and convenient use on the iPad

The Medical Technology business group of Carl Zeiss announces the USA release of the new FORUM Viewer App. It provides doctors with mobile access to the broad range of ZEISS and third party diagnostic images and reports that can be stored in FORUM. 

DUBLIN/CA/USA, JENA/Germany:  Carl Zeiss Meditec announces the USA release of the new FORUM® Viewer App. It provides doctors access to images and reports from the broad range of ZEISS and third-party diagnostic devices that can be stored in FORUM.

As an extension to FORUM Archive & Viewer, the successful Eye Care Data Management System from ZEISS, the company has now released an app for iPads®. The new FORUM software application extends FORUM Viewer to iPads allowing doctors convenient and secure access to diagnostic patient data wherever and whenever they may want it.

Healthcare today is transitioning faster than ever to the use of mobile devices. Over fifty percent of US physicians own an iPad, and approximately one-half of those use their device at the point-of-care, according to Manhattan Research.

"Access to clinical data away from a desktop computer or a diagnostic device is now crucial in improving efficiency and advancing the quality of care," says Dr. Ludwin Monz, President and CEO of Carl Zeiss Meditec AG. "The FORUM Viewer App now brings diagnostic data to a clinician's fingertips -- whether in the exam lane, on the way to their next patient, during a patient consultation, or remotely outside the office."

The app solution enhances the diagnostic workflow as it no longer limits data access to stationary computers and utilizes the simple, intuitive iPad interface. Image data and patient information can be displayed without any loss in quality.

The new software runs on the iOS operating system from version 6.01 upwards and is now available in the USA market for the current iPad product family. For the connection of the app, FORUM Archive from version 3.0 onward is required in conjunction with an additional license. Demo data is immediately accessible after the software is downloaded.

FORUM is a data management system for ophthalmology and optometry. FORUM allows data availability through central storage, increases workflow efficiency by providing data from multiple instruments and supports doctors in their clinical assessments.

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