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Preserve as much of the healthy tooth substance as possible.

ZEISS Fluorescence Mode

Work in a natural light without causing premature composite curing.

ZEISS TrueLight Mode

Innovate patient interaction.

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Visualize beyond with the new dental microscope.

EXTARO® 300 from ZEISS provides breakthrough visualization modes that introduce new applications to microdentistry. As the first dental microscope1, it enables caries detection2 and a simpler tooth restoration workflow. ZEISS EXTARO 300 is especially designed to meet your needs and revolutionize your practice by leveraging microscope-enhanced dentistry.

Fluorescence Mode, including caries detection, is 510(k) pending and not available for sale in the United States. Not for sale in every market.

Preserve as much healthy tooth as possible with the new ZEISS dental microscope.

ZEISS EXTARO 300 provides a combination1 of the Microscope Fluorescence Mode and dental microscope magnification, supporting caries detection2.

  • Visualize and repair caries-infected fillings efficiently.
  • Save time, as there is no need to interrupt the workflow for visual support.
EXTARO 300 Caries Detection EXTARO 300 Caries Detection

Visualization before and result after treatment using the Fluorescence Mode

Fluorescence Mode, including caries detection, is 510(k) pending and not available for sale in the United States. Not for sale in every market.

Images courtesy of Dr. Tomas Lang, Essen, Germany

Experience the Fluorescence Mode.

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Identify the border between natural and artificial tooth material3, as the Microscope Fluorescence Mode distinguishes between different tooth substances.

  • Target the affected area quickly.
  • Save valuable chair time during excavation.
Treatment using the Fluorescence Mode Magnified View

Treatment using the Fluorescence Mode and magnified view

Images courtesy of Dr. Tom Schloss, Nuremberg, Germany

Distinguish slightest color variations with cross-polarized and natural light illumination of ZEISS EXTARO 300.

Without cross polarized illumination Without cross polarized illumination

Magnified view compared to cross-polarized visualization of the NoGlare Mode

Image courtesy of Dr. Stephane Browet, Ternat, Belgium

The new ZEISS dental microscope visualizes fine, but relevant details thanks to the NoGlare Mode.

  • Tooth restoration without distracting reflections under cross-polarized illumination.  

Similar to the existing Orange Color Mode, the TrueLight Mode in ZEISS EXTARO 300 does not cause premature polymerization of widely used contemporary light curing composites under the microscope, giving you more time to finish complex modeling tasks. The new optimized color balance of the TrueLight Mode now allows you to identify relevant dental tissues in a natural, white-light setting.

Magnified View Modeling of composite using the TrueLight Mode

Magnified view compared to TrueLight Mode.

Image courtesy of Oscar Freiherr von Stetten, Stuttgart, Germany

Register now for the scientific poster from Dr. Lang and learn how you can benefit from the TrueLight Mode of ZEISS EXTARO 300.

Experience the TrueLight Mode.

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Demonstrate the value of your work to your patients using the dental app.

Revolutionize patient communication and optimize your data management thanks to the wireless connection between ZEISS EXTARO 300 and the ZEISS Connect App, a specially designed app for dentists.

  • Save time by transferring images and videos directly to your local network.
  • Communicate interactively with your patients by showing images of past and current conditions and highlight areas requiring treatment on the ZEISS Connect App. 
  • Enable your patients to make informed decisions.

Experience the Capture Mode.

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Single-handed operation.

Without leaving your preferred working position, you can single-handedly operate the ZEISS EXTARO 300. Benefit from an uninterrupted workflow through the central Mode Control to activate all visual and capture modes.

  • Operate the Varioskop® 230 from ZEISS with only one finger and adjust the unprecedented focal length of 200 – 430 mm.
Visual and capture mode activation.
Visual and capture mode activation
ZEISS Varioskop 230 operation
Varioskop 230 operation

Using the ergonomic microscope ZEISS EXTARO 300 in your practice will improve your dental ergonomics and may increase your career longevity.

  • Work in an upright ergonomic posture.


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1 cf. Oemus (2017): Jahrbuch Endodontie 2017. OEMUS MEDIA AG.
2 Fluorescence Mode for caries detection is not available for sale in the U.S., requires 510(k) clearance by the U.S. FDA and may be subject to change. Not for sale in every market.
3 For specifications see user manual.