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Transforming possibilities into realities. ZEISS TIVATO 700


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Performing A Cochlear Implant Surgery

That’s Why Microscopes Are Important to Me.

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Establishing the proper line of sight in the versatile field of ENT requires a vast variety of positions. This makes flexibility of the equipment key. With its long tradition in ENT visualization, ZEISS has developed a comprehensive set of products which meets the needs of the ENT surgical and office environment. 

ZEISS ENT Visualization Systems


Robotic Visualization System

With over 100 innovations, KINEVO® 900 from ZEISS delivers more functionalities than any surgical microscope today.



Advanced Visualization System

Understanding your daily workflow, TIVATO® 700 from ZEISS enhances usability and is built on technology ahead of its time.



Surgical Microscopes

Surgical microscopes from ZEISS provide optical precision, flexibility and ease of use in ENT surgery.

EyeMag Light II

Medical Loupes

Medical loupes from ZEISS are available with a wide range of magnification levels and working distances.

User Experiences


Peter A. Weisskopf, M.D., Otolaryngologist at the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix Arizona, USA, is the recipient of multiple awards and a member of the Hearing Committee of the American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery. Watch Dr. Weisskopf talk about using microscopes in ENT surgery, learn about the challenges he faces in his daily practice and the developments he sees in ENT surgery.

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