Foldable Tube

Foldable Tube f170/f260

An ergonomic breakthrough

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Foldable Tube f170/f260

  • Highlights
    Foldable Tube f170 f260

    An Ergonomic Breakthrough

    The versatile Foldable Tube f170/f260 offers increased positioning flexibility, magnification and user comfort. With a quick dial turn, the integrated PROMAG™ functionality provides an additional 50 % magnification.

    Greater Comfort

    • Rotate the tube without moving the microscope head using the integrated 360° rotation function. No need for external rotating adapters which increase microscope build height.
    • Work more ergonomically by adjusting the distance to the surgical field as needed with the patented multi-link design.
    • Compensate for eye level differences between surgeon and assistant when operating in a face-to-face configuration by simply rotating the tube.


    Greater Detail

    • Instantly yield a 50% magnification gain for delicate and detailed procedures with the integrated PROMAG™ function
    • Choose between optimum magnification and maximum field of view with a quick turn of the knob

    The Foldable Tube f170/f260 can be combined with most OPMI® surgical microscopes from Carl Zeiss.

  • Options & Accessories
    Foldable Tube mouthswitch

    Foldable Tube f170/f260 with mouthswitch

    Move the microscope head effortlessly via the attachable mouthswitch (only available for OPMI® PENTERO® 900 and OPMI Pentero).

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