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precisionMADE BY ZEISS
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Special promotion for your ASC and Outpatient Center.
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  • Highlights
    OPMI Sensera
    OPMI Sensera - RedDot winner 2003

    Ergonomic microscopy for ENT applications

    OPMI® Sensera from ZEISS was carefully designed to meet the requirements of physicians performing ENT surgery. Some of its features include ease of use, brilliant image quality and seamless integration into the surgical workflow.

    ZEISS OPMI Sensera's compact design enables it to be easily moved between operating rooms and to be repositioned during surgery. The motorized Varioskop® optics with variable working distance provides ergonomic convenience.

    Independent of the ENT area in which the physician is working, ZEISS OPMI Sensera can be maneuvered with extreme precision. ZEISS OPMI Sensera is an ideal surgical microscope for laser microsurgery, especially when equipped with the optional external fine focusing module, which keeps the laser and microscope focus synchronized during surgery.

    Due to the motorized balancing system, ZEISS OPMI Sensera is easily and quickly balanced.

  • Video Solutions

    Seamless workflow integration for video and still images

    Combining the video camera with the HD video recorder allows you to digitally save your high-quality images. With the push of a button on the handgrip of the surgical microscope you can save video or still images to a USB storage device or automatically transmit them to a network storage system.

    1Chip HD Camera

    Digital visualization in HD

    The video camera for OPMI Sensera from ZEISS allows you to visualize your surgical microscope images in state-of-art, full HD picture quality. Beneficial for co-observation or scientific presentations, this enables you to display the surgical procedure with finer detail than with standard definition cameras.
    High contrast and cutting-edge image definition are ensured through the built-in ZEISS apochromatic video optics. The camera starts with a pre-defined configuration and is therefore instantly ready to use with the surgical microscope.

    Video Displays

    Video Monitor

    HD Flat Panel Displays

    Medical grade HD video monitors (1080p) are available in different sizes that match the surgical microscope video solutions.

    Photo Adapters

    Adapter SLR

    SLR Camera Adapter f=340mm

    The SLR adapter f=340mm allows still image documentation with SLR cameras.

    ZEISS FlexioStill Adapter

    The FlexioStill™ adapter from ZEISS enables you to choose from a variety of digital compact cameras which can be attached to the surgical microscope.

    ZEISS FlexioMotion Adapter

    The FlexioMotion™ adapter from ZEISS allows you to attach digital compact camcorders to the surgical microscope.

  • Options & Accessories
    Foldable Tube

    Foldable Tube f170/f260

    The flexible Foldable Tube f170/f260 offers increased positioning capability, magnification and user comfort. With a quick dial turn, the integrated PROMAG functionality provides an additional 50% magnification gain.

    OPMI Sensera microscope ENT visionguard

    Drapes with VisionGuard Lens

    Drapes from ZEISS are manufactured with VisionGuard®, a unique, optical lens that works with the surgical microscope’s objective like a single optical unit to ensure optical clarity. An ingenious design enables the lens to be replaced with a new sterile lens during surgery without compromising sterility.

    OPMI Sensera


    Ergonomic handgrips include four programmable buttons in addition to the zoom and focus controls.

    Sensera microscope ENT balance

    Motorized balancing

    Easy motorized balancing of the front to back tilt axis at the push of a button.


    Laser micromanipulator

    OPMI Sensera is ideally suited to work with laser micromanipulators.

    OPMI Sensera microscope ENT ceiling-mount

    Ceiling Mount

    The S7 ceiling mount provides an installation option in operating rooms where floor space is a premium. OPMI Sensera is available on S7 ceiling mount with either a rigid or height adjustable column.

  • Technical Data

    S7 / OPMI Sensera from ZEISS


    Motorized ZEISS zoom, 1:6 ratio, adjustable via handgrips or foot control panel

    Focusing System Varioskop®

    Internal, motorized, continuously adjustable, triggered via handgrip or foot control panel.


    Autofocus system (optional)

    Working Range 200 – 415 mm
    Main Binocular Tube
    • 180° Tiltable tube, f = 170 mm or f = 200 mm, 10x or 12,5x widefield eyepieces
    • Straight tube, f = 170 mm (optional)
    • Foldable tube f170 /f260, including PROMAG function for additional 50% magnification and integrated rotate function (optional)
    Illumination Superlux® 180 for main and backup Illumination: 180 W xenon lamp with daylight color temperature, backup xenon lamp in fast-action lamp changer
    Rated Voltage 115 V / 230 V ± 10%
    Rated Frequency 50 Hz – 60 Hz
    Power Consumption 115 V, max. 10 A
    230 V, max. 8 A
    Circuit Breaker Automatic
    • S7 floor stand: Approx. 177 kg (with OPMI)
    • S7 ceiling mount with rigid column: Approx. 80 kg (with OPMI)
    • S7 ceiling mount with height adjustable column: Approx. 133 kg (with OPMI)
    ZEISS OPMI Sensera floor stand technical

    S7 floor stand

    ZEISS OPMI Sensera floor stand technical
    ZEISS OPMI Sensera ceiling fixed height technica

    S7 ceiling mount with rigid column

    ZEISS OPMI Sensera ceiling fixed height technica
    ZEISS OPMI Sensera ceiling lifting column technical

    S7 ceiling mount with height adjustable column

    ZEISS OPMI Sensera ceiling lifting column technical
  • Services
    Customer Care

    Customer Care

    Every facet of Customer Care at ZEISS is designed to protect your investment in your equipment. Whether it is a high-end surgical microscope, an ophthalmic laser, diagnostic equipment, or radiotherapy system, we provide timely, responsive services through a national network of highly skilled technicians.

    Our dedication to providing the highest quality of customer care is reflected by the fact that our customers consistently rank us superior in terms of their satisfaction with our performance.

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