Transforming possibilities
into realities.



Seize The Digital Future.

Today’s microsurgical landscapes require advanced technology capable of performing complex procedures in simple, intuitive ways. Reliable performance for all of your patients is key.

For demanding surgical applications in ENT, Spine and P&R look no further than ZEISS TIVATO 700*, the latest Advanced Visualization System from ZEISS. Understanding your daily workload, this fully integrated visualization system enhances usability and is built on technology ahead of its time. Join us in taking the next steps towards the future of microsurgery. Experience all new functionalities of TIVATO® 700 from ZEISS that streamline your surgical workflows:

  • Workflow-Enhancing Visualization
  • Ultimate Reach & Flexibility
  • All-Digital

Transforming possibilites into realities.

Workflow-Enhancing Visualization

Achieve enhanced visualization during your workflow.

New treatment modalities, enhanced visualization, and brilliant broadcasting of procedure in the operating room – the surgical landscape is changing at a rapid pace. Without the best tools and most intuitive technologies, your workflow can be disrupted inside and outside of the operating room (OR).

Workflow-Enhancing Visualization enables you to have state-of-the-art modalities at your fingertips.
The ZEISS TIVATO 700 enables effortless use of advanced surgical visualization modalities and delivers superb image clarity for every procedure.

Visualization – enhanced.

Experience our fluorescence options.

Venture into new fields with the use of intra-operative fluorescence2 options. Assess patency of vessels joined by anastomosis with ZEISS INFRARED 800. Go even further with ZEISS YELLOW 560 to visualize  fluorescence-stained structures for additional clinical applications.

Visualize with 4K.

Show a 4K image at the external screen

Inside the OR, you can broadcast the procedure in brilliant detail with the integrated 4K camera technology every step of the way, while the large external monitor allows for easy viewing by your entire team.

Ultimate Reach & Flexibility

Always in position to perform.

The OR is a demanding place full of activity – with multiple people and devices all inside a small room. Yet, different types of procedures require different set-ups and workflows. Every day in the OR is different and any disruption, such as elaborate rebalancing, can hinder desired clinical outcomes.

Ultimate Reach & Flexibility gives you and your team the freedom to handle every OR situation with confidence.

Flexibility – reached.

Ultimate Reach for precise positioning and flexibility.

ZEISS TIVATO 700 offers excellent overhead clearance to work under the arm of the visualization system in every set-up. Position the base as your space allows and still operate comfortably with Ultimate Reach. When working with long instruments, rely on the large working distance of 200 – 625mm to ensure continuous focus.

Stability reimagined.

Avoid unwanted vibrations during procedures after the repositioning of the visualization system and during small movements. Experience the innovative Active Vibration Damping, strengthened by robotic movements, to streamline your surgical workflow.


Get fully connected in your OR.

Frequently rotating OR teams require easy-to-use medical equipment with intuitive user interfaces. Integrated medical devices lead to a faster turnaround in the OR enabling higher patient throughput and improved procedural efficiency.

Go All-Digital with an intuitive and future-ready platform for a seamless entry into the world of fully connected visualization systems.

Digital ORs – connected.

Your digital workflow:

ZEISS Connect. ZEISS Observe.

ZEISS Connect App helps in organizing surgical data

ZEISS TIVATO 700 comes with a full connectivity package.

Manage surgical data digitally with ZEISS Connect App and dedicated functionalities to integrate into your existing hospital IT infrastructure.

ZEISS Observe App enables streaming in real-time on a mobile device and ZEISS VR ONE Plus glasses.

Newly designed user experience.

ZEISS TIVATO 700 offers you an intuitive graphical user interface that makes interaction with the system simple for everyone in your operating theater.

Be successful. With remote solutions from ZEISS.

ZEISS Smart Services

ZEISS Smart Services offers faster serviceability

ZEISS TIVATO 700 is powered by ZEISS Smart Services, the new remote service platform from ZEISS. With this platform ZEISS strives to establish a new dimension in services. Its architecture provides a high level of IT infrastructure security and offers all stakeholders more confidence in conducting daily business.
Is maintaining system availability of critical importance to you? If this is the case, you should opt for fast, qualified assistance with a ZEISS OPTIME service agreement including ZEISS Smart Services.

First impressions of the new ZEISS TIVATO 700

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ZEISS TIVATO 700 at a glance

ZEISS TIVATO 700 is the latest Advanced Visualization System that streamlines your surgical workflows:

  • Workflow-Enhancing Visualization
  • Ultimate Reach & Flexibility
  • All-Digital


Seizing The Digital Future

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Do you rely on high system availability? If your answer is yes, then consider ZEISS OPTIME service agreements, which are designed to ensure the readiness of your medical equipment at all times.

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