Kolposkop, Colposcopes from Carl Zeiss

Colposcopes from ZEISS

Enabling enhanced diagnostics

Early detection with ZEISS Colposcopes

Kolposkop, Colposcopes from Carl Zeiss

Why should you choose a ZEISS colposcope?

High-quality optics
facilitate the assessment of anomalies in the epithelium thereby enabling differential diagnosis.


High-performance illumination
allows you to clearly recognize color differences in the epithelium and visualize tissue patterns.


Different magnification settings
offer a general overview at a low power and clear recognition of detail at high powers.


Straight, inclined or tiltable tube
enables ergonomically correct viewing conditions.


Large focusing, inclination and tilt ranges
in addition to the variable height adjustment of the suspension arm and an ergonomically convenient handgrip, allow fast and reliable positioning of the colposcope.



Colposkop 150 FC from Carl Zeiss

Colposcope KSK 150 FC

The versatile Colposcope KSK 150 FC meets the demands made on a top-class colposcope.

Colposcope KSK 150 FC
OPMI pico / S100

OPMI pico S100

Both skill and good optics are needed to recognize tissue changes. OPMIĀ® pico is a compact and easy-to-use microscope.

OPMI pico S100