The moment you expand the surgical boundaries beyond what seems possible. This is the moment we work for.
innovationMADE BY ZEISS
Mastering the complex. ZEISS KINEVO 900

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innovationMADE BY ZEISS


Countless neurosurgeries worldwide are performed using visualization solutions from ZEISS – and for a good reason. Designed to suit the high demands of neurosurgery, ZEISS visualization systems support neurosurgeons to meet and expand their boundaries of surgical care.

ZEISS Neurosurgical Visualization Systems


Robotic Visualization System

With over 100 innovations, KINEVO® 900 from ZEISS delivers more functionality than any surgical microscope today.

Pentero 900

Surgical Microscopes

Since the invention of the first microscope, we have been committed to bringing new innovations and raising the benchmark to the next level.

FLOW800 fluorescence

Intraoperative Fluorescence

Complementing the optics of a microscope, explore the benefits of Intraoperative fluorescence in the field of neurosurgery.

 EyeMag Light II

Medical Loupes

A wide range of magnification levels and working distances available with medical loupes from ZEISS. 


3D Digital Visualization

With ZEISS visualization, it now becomes easier to transfer knowledge & complex anatomical concepts with high definition 3D images and videos.   

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