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BLUE 400

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BLUE 400

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    BLUE 400 intraoperative Fluorescence whitelight A

    Blue 400 intraoperative Fluorescene B

    Image Courtesy of Walter Stummer, MD, PhD, Department of Neurosurgery, University Hospital Muenster, Muenster, Germany

    BLUE 400

    BLUE 400™ is an accessory for a Class 1 surgical microscope. It is capable of supporting fluorescence-based surgery by providing visualization in the 620-710 nm range in HD quality. BLUE 400 is fully integrated into the system ensuring maximum working distance and unobstructed movement of the head.


    Visible Differences

    • Distinguish between red fluorescent and non-fluorescent areas
    • Fluorescence images delivered instantly during the surgery

    Workflow Unchanged

    • Seamlessly fit into the familiar user structure of KINEVO® 900 from ZEISS.
    • Activation and switching between BLUE 400 and normal light at the blink of an eye

    Fully integrated

    • Maximum working distance due to module integration into the microscope head
    • No external accessories below the objective lens facilitate easy cleaning
    • Maneuverability of the surgical microscope is not compromised
    • Full integration avoids any damage to components and time-consuming adjustments
  • Technical Data

    ZEISS BLUE 400 with KINEVO 900 from ZEISS

    The BLUE 400™ module can be integrated into KINEVO® 900 from ZEISS. The integration of BLUE 400 into the microscope platform encompasses special filters for excitation in the 400 – 410 nm wavelength range and display in the 620 - 710 nm wavelength range.

    ZEISS KINEVO 900 integrates optics and a camera specifically optimized for the BLUE 400 mode.

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    KINEVO 900 from ZEISS

    Advancing Surgical Certainty

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    BLUE 400 - Glioblastoma 1

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    BLUE 400 - Glioblastoma 2

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