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    Yellow 560

    Recurrent right temporal glioblastoma Image Courtesy of Aaron A. Cohen-Gadol, MD, MSc, Indiana University Department of Neurosurgery, Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine, Indianapolis, USA

    YELLOW 560 from ZEISS

    The ZEISS YELLOW 560 is a surgical microscope accessory used in viewing and visual assessment of intraoperative blood flow in the cerebral vascular area including, but not limited to, assessing cerebral aneurysm and vessel branch occlusion, as well as patency of very small perforating vessels. It also aids in the real-time visualization of blood flow and visual assessment of vessel types before and after Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) surgery. It is the first intraoperative fluorescence module to highlight the fluorescence-stained structures while visualizing non-stained tissue in its natural-like color.

    • Unique filter highlighting only the fluorescent signal while retaining surrounding structures in lifelike color (HILITE technology)
    • Maneuverability of the surgical microscope is not compromised due to technology integration
    • The module is completely integrated within the ZEISS KINEVO 900 system with no external cables or components minimizing component damage

    Please use the fluorescent agent as per the approval status for the application in your country.

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    YELLOW 560 with ZEISS KINEVO 900

    YELLOW 560 can be fully integrated into the KINEVO 900 from ZEISS. The integration of YELLOW 560 into the microscope platform encompasses special filters for excitation in the 460 – 500 nm wavelength range and display in the 540 - 690 nm wavelength range.

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