Mastering the complex. ZEISS KINEVO 900


Redefining surgical visualization for advanced surgical certainty.

Loaded with over 100 innovations, the all-new Robotic Visualization System® – KINEVO® 900 from ZEISS is designed to deliver more functionalities than any surgical microscope today. It combines optical and digital visualization modalities, offers QEVO – the unique Micro-Inspection Tool and will impress you with its Surgeon-Controlled Robotics.

All to enable you to gain greater certainty in a virtually disruption-free workflow. Discover it now!

Surgeon-Controlled Robotics

A lot more.
And, a lot less too.

Experience Surgeon-Controlled Robotics to discover a complete new level of precise positioning. This new innovation enables intelligent positioning functions – reducing manual hassle. And, helping you to focus on your treatment. ZEISS KINEVO 900 delivers a lot more positioning precision with a lot less effort.

Surgeon-controlled Robotics

Surgeon-Controlled Robotics assist you in visualizing structures precisely and effortlessly.

Simply focus and move around a structure to visualize the targeted anatomy – reducing any manual hassle. That’s our new PointLock functionality with ZEISS KINEVO 900.

Especially in narrow access areas, PointLock can be very useful in visualizing a larger area inside a cavity by simulating a keyhole movement.

Simply: Focus. Activate. Swivel.

Achieve accuracy in repositioning your Robotic Visualization System

ZEISS KINEVO 900 enables an efficient workflow by storing identified regions of concern in its intelligent PositionMemory. Simply recall them to visualize at exactly the same magnification, working distance and focus.

In short: Save. Move. Recall.

Active Vibration Dampening

Undisturbed surgical visualization with the Robotic Visualization System.

The Surgeon-Controlled Robotics of ZEISS KINEVO 900 enables active vibration damping.

  • Providing rock-solid stability.
  • Minimizing collateral system vibrations.

So you can focus on what matters most: your treatment.


new navigation interface
Image with Brainlab Microscope Navigation Software

Minimize time-consuming efforts in approaching challenging neurosurgical pathologies.

Combine the Surgeon-Controlled Robotics of ZEISS KINEVO 900 with navigation interface to approach deep-seated pathologies in cranial surgery, brain stem or skull base tumor removals.

Try this for yourself:

Peter Nakaji, MD

See what leading experts have to say about the all-new Surgeon-Controlled Robotics

Digital Hybrid Visualization

Activate your full freedom of choice.

ZEISS KINEVO 900 introduces a revolutionary dimension in surgical visualization: welcome to a world of heads-up, ocular-free surgery! With integrated 4K and 3D visualization technology, ZEISS KINEVO 900 gives you the freedom of choice – like never before. What's more, it takes your surgical education and training possibilities to the next level.

Freedom of choice with 4K visualization.

Especially in extreme working angles, the fully integrated 4K visualization of ZEISS KINEVO 900 can relieve the strain a classic optical approach poses while delivering outstanding 4K picture quality.

Daniel L. Barrow, MD

Learn more about the benefits of ocular-free surgery from leading experts.

ZEISS QEVO – The Micro-Inspection Tool

See more with less effort.

Experience QEVO® from ZEISS – the unique Micro-Inspection Tool. Go beyond the straight line view of a surgical microscope. Visualize the missing critical information behind tissue or corners. ZEISS QEVO enhances your surgical visualization by complementing the microsurgical view and enabling you to look around corners.

Inspect the perforator or examine the distal neck of the aneurysm to ensure the clip blades are fully extended.

Enhance your surgical visualization for deeper insights.

With ZEISS QEVO, the Robotic Visualization System enters a new age of surgical visualization.

Discover unexplored areas during microsurgical intervention without additional footprint – for better clinical decisions.

ZEISS QEVO – always available.

ZEISS QEVO is truly integrated! Just plug into ZEISS KINEVO 900 and switch back and forth between views.

ZEISS QEVO is fully autoclavable! So there’s no need for any additional draping.

Michael Lawton, MD

Discover how ZEISS QEVO impresses leading neurosurgeons.

Intraoperative Fluorescence. Redesigned.

Your own Power of “Four.”

In challenging neurosurgery, surgical visualization adjuncts are essential for making the right decisions at the right time. The redesigned Intraoperative Fluorescence1 Technologies from ZEISS KINEVO 900 offer you the Power of Four – so you are always equipped with the tools you need.

INFRARED 800 HD image INFRARED 800 HD image

INFRARED 800 – now available in HD.

Visualize even the sub-millimeter blood vessels in brilliant quality with the new INFRARED 800 for ZEISS KINEVO 900.

INFRARED 800 – virtually uninterrupted focus.

ZEISS KINEVO 900 optimizes the workflow of ZEISS INFRARED 800 by delivering a live overlay in the oculars – for virtually uninterrupted workflow.

FLOW 800 – convenience at your finger tips.

Based on INFRARED 800 video FLOW® 800 from ZEISS delivers a more convenient visual assessment of the increase in the fluorescence intensity during the procedure.

The Delay Map provides quick information about the time when the fluorescent signal appeared for each image point in the map.

 Infrared 800 Delay Map

The Intensity Map enables you to conveniently identify relative fluorescence levels reached during the INFRARED 800 observation period.

Infrared 800 Intensity Map

The Speed Map indicates how fast the fluorescence intensity increased during the observation period – indicating the speed.

Infrared 800 Speed Map

The Diagram Function outlines the assessment of fluorescence intensity variation over time.

Infrared 800 Diagram Function


Visualization of fluorescence-stained structures using BLUE 400 during surgery.

BLUE 400 is an accessory for a Class 1 surgical microscope. It is capable of supporting fluorescence-based surgery by providing visualization in the 620-710 nm range in HD quality.


Visualization of fluorescence-stained structures using YELLOW 560.

ZEISS YELLOW 560 is cleared as an accessory to a Class 1 device for the visualization of blood flow. It is the first intraoperative fluorescence module to highlight the fluorescence-stained structures while visualizing non-stained tissue in its natural-like color.

* Please use the fluorescent agent as per the approval status for the application in your country.

Digital connectivity. Transforming OR’s.

ZEISS KINEVO 900 offers full digital connectivity.

Manage surgical data wherever you are: ZEISS Connect App1 enables you to access your surgical data from your iOS device, and also delivers dedicated functionalities for efficient workflows.

Take teaching to new heights: ZEISS Observe App enables you to virtually broadcast your procedure in the OR. Your students can follow the live surgery directly on mobile screens or immerse themselves in a rich VR Experience.

Gain value with new digital services: ZEISS Smart Services enables faster support for you and your team with remote connectivity. Benefit from the increased system availability powered by a secure connection to your ZEISS KINEVO 900.

Please send any feedback, questions or feature ideas to apps .mcs .meditec @zeiss .com
* iOS is the registered trademark of Apple Inc.

1Available soon

Completing the package

Connecting simplicity and innovation.

SMARTDRAPE® from ZEISS introduces a new innovative drape to ZEISS KINEVO 900. The only drape designed together with ZEISS KINEVO 900.

  • Benefit from a vivid view and efficient patient protection.
  • Eliminate guesswork and complexity with the innovative folding process.
  • Intuitively attach the lens to the Robotic Visualization System with its simple self-locking mechanism.
  • Easily activate AutoDrape® with the integrated RFID chip.
Adding even more convenience



Support whenever you need it

Do you rely on high system availability? If your answer is yes, then why not consider our ZEISS OPTIME service agreements, which are designed to ensure the readiness of your medical equipment at all times.

ZEISS KINEVO 900 at a glance

ZEISS KINEVO 900 is the powerful Robotic Visualization System that delivers unparalleled real-time insights with

  • Surgeon-Controlled Robotics
  • Digital Hybrid Visualization with 4K integration
  • QEVO – the unique Micro-Inspection Tool

Mastering the complex.


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DICOM Conformance Statement

DICOM Conformance Statements

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1 Please use the fluorescent agent as per the approval status for the application in your country.

Image courtesies of: Dr. Robert F. Spetzler and Dr. Peter Nakaji from Barrow neurological Institute, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
The image of BLUE 400 is courtesy of Prof. Dr. Walter Stummer, University Clinic, Munich, Germany. The navigation image is courtesy of BrainLab AG, Munich, Germany