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OPMI Pentero


OPMI Pentero 1

OPMI Pentero

Optics and illumination

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OPMI Pentero

Ergonomic handgrips

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OPMI Pentero

Intraoperative fluorescence

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OPMI Pentero

Intraoperative fluorescence

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OPMI Pentero

Fully integrated video chain

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OPMI Pentero


OPMI Pentero

  • Highlights
    OPMI Pentero
    OPMI Pentero Red Dot Design Award Winner 2004

    OPMI Pentero - Unique

    OPMI® Pentero® combines visualization solutions for scalable requirements with a variety of additional benefits: intraoperative fluorescence, integration of the entire digital video chain into the hospital's information and communication infrastructure.

    • Automated functions such as AutoBalance and AutoDrape®
    • Image-guided surgery with MultiVision™ data injection
    • Integrated digital visualization, optionally with integrated high definition (HD) camera head
    • DICOM networking capabilities
    • Touchscreen operation
  • Video Solutions

    Integrated Video Solutions

    Integrated video solutions for surgical microscopes are the most convenient way to generate images for information, documentation, teaching and presentation purposes. Fully integrated camera systems with factory aligned optics ensure reliable and consistent performance. Enjoy the esthetic and ergonomic advantages of the surgical microscope without any impairment by cables or bulky video adapters. The integrated control allows management of both the video solution and the surgical microscope, which provides a streamlined surgical workflow.

    HD Video Solutions

    TRIO 630 with CCU TRIO 600 - 3-Chip HD Camera System

    The fully integrated high definition camera head with apochromatic video optics allows microscope images to be generated with enhanced resolution and color rendition. The TRIO 630 has been specially designed for the OPMI® Pentero®. The camera can be used for information, documentation, teaching and presentation of high quality images.

    SD Video Solutions

    • High-contrast, sharp images with integrated 3-chip standard definition (SD) camera (PAL/NTSC)
    • Video images with standard definition and color rendition for high-end surgical imaging
    • Sharp and high-contrast images for intraoperative fluorescence application (BLUE 400)

    • The integrated SD video recorder (PAL/NTSC) can be operated via the touchscreen user interface and also by the foot control panel or handgrip of the surgical microscope
    • Videos and images are stored on an integrated hard disk or can be transferred directly to a USB storage media, CD or DVD
    • Save storage space for large videos by using the local editing function. Videos can be easily and quickly edited through the touchscreen
    • Standardized data exchange with PACS systems via the integrated DICOM module
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    External Video Components

    To support requirements for customized video solutions, external components can be mounted to the surgical microscope. The external attachment via standard optical and mechanical interfaces increases flexibility and retrofitability.

    Video Cameras

    TRIO620 HD

    TRIO 620 with CCU TRIO 600 - 3-Chip HD Camera System

    The semi-integrated high definition camera system with apochromatic video optics allows microscope images to be generated with enhanced resolution and color rendition. The camera can be used for information, documentation, teaching and presentation of high quality images.



    High Definition Video Recorder

    A medical grade high definition video recorder is available.

    Photo Adapter

    OPMI Pentero head1

    SLR Camera Adapter f=340mm

    The SLR adapter f=340mm perfectly adapts to the surgical microscope and allows still image documentation with SLR cameras.

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  • Options & Accessories
    FLOW 800 – Intraoperative Fluorescence

    Image Courtesy of Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

    INFRARED 800*

    Intraoperative visual assessment of blood flow and vessel patency during arteriovenous malformation (AVM), bypass and aneurysm surgery. INFRARED 800 is indicated for use in neurosurgery, plastic and reconstructive procedures and coronary artery bypass graft surgery.

    FLOW 800 intraoperative Fluorescence

    Image Courtesy of Yasushi Takagi, MD, PhD, Department of Neurosurgery, Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto, Japan

    FLOW 800*

    FLOW® 800 is a unique fluorescence application enabling visual analysis of vascular blood flow dynamics. It compiles INFRARED 800 video sequences into visual maps, diagrams or side-by-side images, enabling an in-depth interpretation of fluorescence videos.

    *For the complete 510(k) summary for INFRARED 800 with FLOW 800 option, search K100468 on the FDA website.

    BLUE 400 intraoperative Fluorescence

    Image Courtesy of Walter Stummer, MD, PhD, Department of Neurosurgery, University Hospital Muenster, Muenster, Germany

    BLUE 400 (for research use)

    Capable of supporting fluorescence-based surgery for research applications by providing visualization in the 620 to 710 nm range. Completely integrated module with no external components or cables. Optionally available in HD quality.

    BLUE 400™ image obtained with an investigational new drug.

    MultiVison Data injection Navigation

    DICOM and MultiVision Modules

    OPMI Pentero can export or import patient data (e.g. demographic data, images and video clips) to a hospital PACS system via the network and DICOM interface. Preoperative data can also be imported. MultiVision™ enables the surgeon to superimpose color data into both eyepieces. Moreover, video data and the entire touchscreen interface can be injected into the MultiVision display and controlled using the handgrip.

    Foldable Tube f170 f260

    Foldable Tube f170/f260

    The flexible Foldable Tube f170/f260 offers increased positioning capability, magnification and user comfort. With a quick dial turn, the integrated PROMAG™ functionality provides an additional 50 percent magnification gain.

    OPMI Pentero head1

    Stereo Co-observation Tube

    The stereo co-observation tube enables a second person to see the surgical field at the same magnification level. This is particularly well suited for sterile assistants or for training.

    OPMI drapes visionguard

    Drapes with VisionGuard Lens

    Drapes from Carl Zeiss are manufactured with VisionGuard®, a unique, optical lens that works with the microscope’s objective like a single optical unit to ensure optical clarity. The lens can be replaced with a new sterile lens during surgery without compromising sterility.

    OPMI drapes visionguard

    Mouth Switch

    The mouth switch offers smooth, hands-free repositioning of the OPMI head.


    Wireless Foot Control Panel

    The wireless foot control panel, designed to manage multiple microscope functions, can be freely positioned for rapid set-up and user convenience during surgery. The intelligent power management function ensures long‑lasting operability.

  • Technical Data
    Rated Voltage 115 V AC (100 - 125 V AC)

    230 V AC (230 - 240 V AC)
    Current consumption 115 V AC max. 12 A

    230 V AC max. 6 A
    Rated Frequency 50 Hz – 60 Hz
    Weight of System

    approx. 325 kg

  • Services
    Customer Care

    Customer Care

    Every facet of Customer Care at ZEISS is designed to protect your investment in your equipment. Whether it is a high-end surgical microscope, an ophthalmic laser, diagnostic equipment, or radiotherapy system, we provide timely, responsive services through a national network of highly skilled technicians.

    Our dedication to providing the highest quality of customer care is reflected by the fact that our customers consistently rank us superior in terms of their satisfaction with our performance.

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