IOLMaster moment

The moment you trust the experience of 100 million IOL power calculations.

This is the moment we work for.


IOLMaster 500

Defining biometry

The IOLMaster 500

Experts trust the gold standard

Prof. Dr. Kenneth J. Hoffer



“The IOLMaster has significantly changed the way biometry is performed and continues to do so.“


Prof. Kenneth J. Hoffer, M.D. 
Santa Monica, USA

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Haigis


“For me, there are only few innovations which have revolutionized cataract surgery. The IOLMaster is one of them.”


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Haigis
Würzburg, Germany

Prof. Dr. Oliver Findl


“The reference image allows precise alignment of toric IOLs and simplifies workflow. That's definitely the future of cataract surgery.”

Prof. Oliver Findl, M.D. 
Vienna, Austria

Prof. Dr. Sabong Srivannaboon


“If you asked my staff which optical biometer they would go for, the answer would clearly be: the IOLMaster.”


Prof. Sabong Srivannaboon, M.D. 
Bangkok, Thailand

Prof. Mario de La Torre, M.D.


“I’m constantly impressed at how the IOLMaster can measure even the most challenging patients.”


Prof. Mario de La Torre, M.D. 
Lima, Peru

Prof. Claudio Carbonara, M.D.


“The reason I bought the IOLMaster 500 was because of the extremely high accuracy of its measurements.”

Prof. Claudio Carbonara, M.D. 
Rome, Italy

Prof. Luis Cadarso, M.D.


“With the IOLMaster 500 I really get excellent results for premium IOLs such as toric and multifocal lenses.”


Prof. Luis Cadarso, M.D. 
Vigo, Spain