ZEISS VISULAS YAG III: Inspiring excellence in vision preservation.
Inspiring excellence in vision preservation. ZEISS VISULAS YAG III

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VISULAS YAG III laser glaucoma therapy


Precise disruption laser for targeted secondary cataract and glaucoma therapy


Fully integrated laser workstation

  • Highlights
    TL Copy complete laser workplace

    Sensitive scalpel among secondary cataract lasers

    The VISULAS® YAG III from ZEISS is a milestone in the development of practice-oriented photodisruption laser systems. It brings together latest generation optical experience and technological excellence to provide maximum ease of use with the least possible amount of patient stress. The VISULAS YAG III is used for applications like posterior capsulotomy and iridotomy as well as IOL polishing.

    Legendary ZEISS optics

    For decades ZEISS has developed high-quality therapeutic lasers featuring exceptional precision and legendary optics. Perfectly integrated laser slit lamps guarantee superior image quality in order to deliver reproducible clinical results.

    Examination doctor talking to women

    Optimal Energy Focus

    Utilizing a Super-Gaussian beam profile, the VISULAS YAG III is able to focus the optimum amount of laser energy directly to the target. This results in high-precision treatment for the patient using a minimum amount of laser energy.

    TL Copy safely focus on the target

    Variable focus

    The focal point of the aiming beam is set precisely and reproducibly before, behind or directly at the focal point of the disruption laser.

    Fully integrated workplace

    The high-quality laser source of the VISULAS YAG III is perfectly integrated into the ZEISS laser slit lamp, which can also be used as a fully-equipped diagnostic slit lamp.

    the unique 4 point aiming beam

    Precision targeting

    The unique 4-point aiming beam ensures a high degree of aiming accuracy. Astigmatic distortions can be identified clearly and the selected energy level can be corrected accordingly prior to the laser application.

    Visulas yag iii

    Expanded spectrum of laser therapies

    Available in combination with a photocoagulation laser - VISULAS YAG III Combi or VISULAS Trion Combi.

  • Options & Accessories

    The VISULAS® YAG III offers an outstanding range of diagnostic possibilities and permits high-precision examinations to be carried out immediately before and after treatment – without any need to move the patient. The extensive selection of optional accessories perfectly completes the laser’s wide range of functions.

    Doctor looking trough object
    ACCENTO Eyepiece

    ACCENTO Eyepiece

    Displays important treatment parameters while maintaining a clear view of the treatment area.

    Doctor looking trough object

    ACCENTO Ergo Tube - the convenient viewing angle

    Treatment in a comfortable and relaxed position.

    Parallel or convergent tubes

    Parallel or convergent tubes

    Choose the set up that is most comfortable for your practice.

    TL Options digicam adapter

    DigiCam adapter

    Supports a broad range of standard camcorders and digital cameras. Designed for demonstrations to large groups and for digital documentation.

    TL Options applanation tonometer

    Applanation Tonometer

    Provides direct measurement of intraocular pressure without any need to move the patient.

    Laser warning

    Laser warning light

    Laser warning light outside the laser therapy room to indicate when the laser is switched on.

    Person with physical disability visuals yag III combi

    Instrument table

    Vertically-adjustable instrument table is wheelchair accessible.

    Contact lenses

    Numerous high quality contact lenses available for therapeutic laser applications such as posterior capsulotomy and iridotomy.

    Safety goggles

    Attractively designed laser safety goggles for reliable protection as per DIN EN 207.

    Transport case

    Transport case to store and carry your laser and accessories.

  • Technical Data
    Laser wavelength 1064 nm
    Mode Super-Gaussian
    Optical breakdown Typically 2.5 mJ in air
    Pulse length < 4 ns (typically 2-3 ns)
    Max. laser energy Single pulse: typically 10 mJ,
    Double pulse: typically 23 mJ,
    Triple pulse: typically 35 mJ
    Energy attenuation 22 levels
    Pulse repetition frequency Max. 2.5 Hz
    Focus diameter 10 µm in air
    Exit aperture angle 16°
    Aiming beam Diode approx.. 670 nm,
    power 5 µW-150 µW;
    4-point aiming beam focusing system
    Focus shift Variable: +150 µm; 0; -150 µm
    Electrical connection 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
    Control panel dimensions (H 135 x W 210 x D 330) mm
    (H 5.3 x W 8.3 D 13.0) inches
    Control panel weight 4 kg (8.8 lbs)
    LSL YAG III Laser Slit Lamp
    Magnifications 5 / 8 / 12 / 20 / 32 x
    Slit adjustment Slit height : in 1 / 3 / 5 / 9 / 14 mm
    Slit width : 0-14 mm,
    continuous adjustment
    Illumination 12 V, 30 W; brightness continuously adjustable
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