MediLive Trio Eye

MediLive Trio Eye

The video camera designed for ophthalmic surgery

MediLive Trio Eye

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    MediLive® Trio Eye was designed to fulfill the requirements of ophthalmic surgery. The result is a highly sensitive 3 CCD video camera for your Carl Zeiss surgical microscope that meets your high demands and delivers video images that visualize every detail of your surgical procedure on your video monitor.

    MediLive trio eye video camera

    Configured at the push of a button

    The MediLive Trio Eye video camera is easy to use. Simply select the preset configuration for the anterior or posterior segment of the eye. If these settings are further adjusted, they can be easily stored as your own presetting and be recalled at any time. The camera works well with halogen and xenon illumination (e.g. Superlux® Eye from Carl Zeiss).

    Medilive trio eye posterior segment

    High light sensitivity

    Tailored for ophthalmic applications, the camera delivers good performance in low-light situations. Even in posterior segment surgery, where little light is available, the image on the monitor is bright and high in contrast. In anterior segment surgery the video sequences show details of the sclera without blooming. This allows you to present your surgical acuity to colleagues and students using impressive video images.

    Video images in the correct orientation

    Surgical microscope with a wide-angle viewing system, feature an inverter that correctly orients the surgical microscope image but often not the video. MediLive Trio Eye solves this problem. Simply activate the rotate function and the video image is turned to the correct orientation.

  • Technical Data
    Sensor: 3 x 1/2” Interlace Scan CCD image sensors
    Video standard: PAL or NTSC
    Analog video output ports: 2x Composite Video (BNC), PAL / NTSC
    2x S-Video (Y/C), PAL / NTSC
    1x RGB interlaced, PAL / NTSC
    1x VGA - Progressive Scan (1024x768 at 60Hz)
    Digital video output ports: 1x DVI – Progessive Scan (1024x768 at 60Hz)
    1x DV – Digital Video (Firewire)
    Dimensions: 75 x 320 x 340 mm
    CCU approx. 4.5 kg (9.9 lb)
    Camera head approx. 0.1 kg (0.2 lb)
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    MediLive® Trio Eye™

    The Video Camera designed for Ophthalmic Surgery

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