Nurse handing  hydrophobic C-loop CT LUCIA IOL to doctor
Monofocal hydrophobic 3-piece IOL ZEISS CT LUCIA 602
  • Formerly EC-3 PAL


Optimize your hydrophobic IOL performance

  • Highlights
    Doctor examining CT LUCIA hydrophobic C-loop under the LUMERA 700 microscope

    The CT LUCIA® 602 from ZEISS is an aspheric 3-piece hydrophobic IOL.

    The lens is intended for primary implantation in the capsular bag of the eye for the visual correction of aphakia in adult patients in whom a cataractous lens has been removed by phacoemulsification.

    CT LUCIA 602

    Key highlights of the lens:


    • Aspheric optic for great image quality.
    • Made with ultra-high-purity hydrophobic acrylic polymer and a proprietary cryo-lathing process with no reported glistening.
    • Refractive index equals to PMMA - gives less glare and unwanted visual phenomena.
  • Technical Data
    CT LUCIA® 602 (Formerly EC-3 PAL)
    Optic Design
    Monofocal, aspheric
    Hydrophobic acrylic with Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) monofilament haptics
    Optic Diameter
    6.0 mm
    Total Diameter
    13.0 mm
    Haptic Angulation

    Lens Design
    Three piece
    Incision Size
    2.8 mm
    Company Labeled A-Constant
    Diopter Range
    From +4.0 to +34.0 D, 0.5 D increments
    Implantation in
    Capsular bag
    Injector / Cartridge Set
    ZEISS R28 IOL Delivery System with ZEISS Z28 Cartridge IOL Delivery System for diopter range +4.0 to +34.0 D
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    ZEISS CT LUCIA 602 (Formerly EC-3 PAL) and Z Cartridge IOL Delivery System

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    CT LUCIA 602

    ZEISS 3-piece IOL (Formerly EC-3 PAL) Technical Specifications

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    CT LUCIA 202 / CT LUCIA 602

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