Surgical Microscope ZEISS OPMI LUMERA 300
Experience best-in-class visualization. ZEISS OPMI LUMERA 300
Surgical Microscope ZEISS OPMI LUMERA 300
Experience best-in-class visualization. ZEISS OPMI LUMERA 300

ZEISS OPMI LUMERA 300 Surgical Microscope

  • Highlights

    Your entry into the LUMERA world

    OPMI LUMERA® surgical microscopes from ZEISS stand for excellence in optics and illumination for cataract and retina surgery. The new ZEISS OPMI LUMERA 300 with BrightFlex® LED illumination technology is your entry into the OPMI LUMERA world. Experience best-in-class visualization with excellent LUMERA optics, exceptional illumination and an outstanding quality.


    Excellent LUMERA optics

    Superior contrast, resolution and clarity

    Apochromatic optics provide an exceptional view with high contrast and outstanding resolution. The ZEISS OPMI LUMERA 300 ophthalmic microscope delivers clarity of detail that is unparalleled in its class.

    Less stress for your patients

    With outstanding light transmission, the ZEISS OPMI LUMERA 300 results in significantly reduced light exposure for your patients, leading
    to less stress on the eye.

    Independent assistant‘s microscope

    The ZEISS OPMI LUMERA 300 LED microscope features an optional, fully independent assistant’s microscope that requires no light from the main microscope during cataract or refractive surgery.

    Exceptional illumination

    LED Microscope OPMI LUMERA 300 with BrightFlex Red Reflex

    BrightFlex for a brilliant red reflex

    The ZEISS OPMI LUMERA 300 operating microscope comes with BrightFlex, a new variable electronic LED illumination technology. It delivers a greatly improved red reflex for more confidence in cataract surgery.

    Individually adaptable LED illumination

    The BrightFlex illumination allows you to adapt the brightness of the red reflex to your individual needs – unique in this class. The use of the HaMode™ filter allows surgeons who prefer halogen to quickly switch to a light spectrum equivalent to halogen.

    Outstanding quality

    Quality with ZEISS OPMI LUMERA 300 ophthalmic microscope

    Superior optical and mechanical components

    The ZEISS brand has always stood for quality products that live up to the highest German engineering standards. The ZEISS OPMI LUMERA 300 surgical microscope is no exception to this rule. The superiority of the optical and mechanical components means you have the most reliable partner at your side.

    ZEISS OPMI LUMERA 300 Surgical Microscope – hassle-free design

    Hassle-free design

    Assistant's microscope, HD camera, ZEISS RESIGHT® 500 fundus viewing system: all parts and accessories are fully integrated, regardless of the configuration of the operating microscope.  

  • Technical Data & Configurations

    Technical Data and Configurations

    OPMI LUMERA 300 from ZEISS

    Configure the ZEISS OPMI LUMERA 300 surgical microscope to your individual needs. Select from a variety of accessories such as an integrated HD camera or an assistants package with an assistant’s microscope that doesn’t take any light from the surgeons microscope. Whatever you select you can always be confident to get best-in-class visualization from ZEISS.

    Focus range
    48 mm 48 mm 48 mm
    Objective lens
    f = 200 mm f = 200 mm f = 200 mm
    Wide-angle eyepiece
    10x 12.5x 12.5x
    Manual 5-step
    magnification changer
    Motorized zoom Motorized zoom
    Binocular tube
    45° Inclined tube
    f = 170 mm
    45° Inclined tube
    f = 170 mm
    180° Swivel tube
    f = 170 mm
    Apochromatic optic
    Integrated assistant interface
    BrightFlex illumination
    LED light source
    Color enhancement, ha-mode, blue-blocking
    Wired foot control panel
    X-Y coupling
    (Range 61 x 61 mm)
    Floor stand S200 Cataract version Cataract version Cataract/retina version
    Integrated HD camera
    Assistant package
    (Assistant's microscope, magnification
    changer, 45° inclined tube)
    Retina package
    (Assistant's microscope, magnification
    changer, 110° inverter tube, fundus viewing system RESIGHT 500 starter set)
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  • Options & Accessories

    The ZEISS OPMI LUMERA 300 surgical microscope is a versatile partner at your side. It can be customized to meet your individual needs.

    Assistant's microscope Opthalmic microscope ZEISS OPMI LUMERA 300

    Assistant's microscope

    The ZEISS OPMI LUMERA 300 surgical microscope can be equipped with an assistant's microscope. It enables a second view of the surgical field without taking any light from the surgeon's microscope.

    HD camera  for surgical microscope ZEISS OPMI LUMERA 300

    Fully integrated HD camera

    The optional, fully integrated 1-chip, full-HD camera is the most convenient way to generate images for information, documentation, teaching and presentation purposes. Enjoy the beauty and ergonomic advantages of the
    ZEISS OPMI LUMERA 300 without any impairment by cables or bulky video adapters.


    The optional X-Y-coupling enables motorized fine movement in the X-Y plane. For precise positioning during cataract or refractive surgery.

    ZEISS RESIGHT 500 fundus viewing system

    The ZEISS RESIGHT® 500 provides a clear, detailed view of the retina. You no longer need to refocus when the fundus viewing system is moved into or out of position. The varioscope optics ensure that your microscope always stays in the same focal plane during ophthalmic surgery. It will automatically fold up if unintended contact is made with the patient's eye. 

  • Services
    ZEISS Customer Care

    ZEISS Customer Care

    Service agreements to protect your investment

    Every facet of Customer Care at ZEISS is designed to protect your investment in your equipment. Whether it is a high-end surgical microscope, an ophthalmic laser, or diagnostic equipment, we provide timely, responsive services through a national network of highly skilled technicians. Our dedication to providing the highest quality of customer care is reflected by the fact that our customers consistently rank us superior in terms of their satisfaction with our performance.

    More about customer care
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    ZEISS Cataract Suite markerless

    Products designed to work together for markerless toric IOL alignment

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