Essential line data connectivity
Smartly optimizing your diagnostic workflow. ZEISS Essential Line Data Connectivity

Link your ophthalmic EMR and practice management system

with Essential Line connectivity solutions from ZEISS

  • Highlights

    Essential Line connectivity solutions from ZEISS enable seamless data transfer between all diagnostic devices, EMR and practice management systems – for optimized workflow throughout your practice.

    Structure your practice data and free up time

    Patient medical records, previous examination results, refractive measurements, diagnostic images, prescriptions: Like most eye care practices today, you have to manage lots of data. The question is: Are they readily available and easy to access when and wherever you need them? And can they be integrated with your electronic medical records (EMR) and Practice Management System (PMS), or with your Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS)?

    The Essential Line from ZEISS offers a range of connectivity and archiving solutions designed to optimize the way you work and free up valuable time throughout your workday. FORUM® and VISUCONNECT® 500 from ZEISS give you access to relevant data when and wherever you need it, thereby helping you to make more informed and confident diagnoses and optimize workflow throughout your practice.

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    Make all your data work for you

    The central database is a valuable asset for any ophthalmic practice, storing patient data, electronic medical records and images along with much more information. ZEISS Essential Line connectivity solutions allow you to streamline and fully leverage that data. They can save your staff a lot of time with tasks involving instrument configuration, patient reseating, paper printouts and information location. 

    By reducing the need for manual data input, they also minimize the risk of erroneous data entries. The ZEISS FORUM Archive and Viewer as well as the ZEISS VISUCONNECT 500 option are designed to significantly speed up data transfers. What’s more, they can greatly simplify your overall practice data management, for example, by monitoring disease progression or treatment success.

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    Make your data consistent with a global standard

    Ever faster developments in the field of modern optometry practice management software and database solutions raise a key question: How can you ensure long-term data compatibility, security and migration flexibility? Our answer: With a standard that is universally accepted in the medical world – DICOM.

    ZEISS products are issued with valid DICOM conformance statements. If your practice management system is not DICOM compatible, we offer defined interfaces for the leading ophthalmic EMR solutions.

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    Your benefits

    • Increased practice efficiency with recognized data standards, saving you valuable time every day
    • Fast, easy data transfer between devices, workstations, exam rooms and practice sites
    • Lower data maintenance and paper usage costs
    • Reduced manual data input eliminates errors
    • Combined patient data from several devices for confident diagnostic assessments
    • Better investment planning through modular, expandable software and database systems
  • Products

    ZEISS Essential Line connectivity solutions enable the seamless integration of diagnostic data with existing ophthalmology EMR, EHR, PACS, data archive and practice management software.


    • Plug & play accessory for the VISUREF® 100 auto refractometer / keratometer, VISULENS® 500 digital lensmeter and VISUPLAN® 500 non-contact tonometer – all from ZEISS
    • Serial-to-Ethernet adapter and server software
    • Creates a DICOM link to ZEISS FORUM and PACS software
    • Provides a web-based XML interface for ophthalmic patient management software
    • Supports the use of modality work list

    Key benefits

    • Connects ZEISS Essential Line devices to your network anywhere in the practice (e.g. in the pretest area or the exam room)
    • Enables the use of DICOM work lists and transfer of results directly to the central archive – both via tablet and PC
    • Lets you manage multiple ZEISS Essential Line devices with one interface via LAN or WiFi

    ZEISS FORUM – Guiding your decisions

    ZEISS FORUM offers you a scalable and flexible eye care data management solution that can be tailored to your needs. It streamlines practice workflow, providing access to all patient examinations, and integrates seamlessly with existing IT landscapes and diagnostic instruments.

    Starting with a central archive and viewer, ZEISS FORUM can be expanded into a comprehensive, multi-site, off-instrument review solution. Unique ZEISS FORUM workplace applications for retina and glaucoma patients allow you to assess the information you need to make confident decisions at a glance.

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  • For Eye Care Professionals

    Information for doctors and practice management

    ZEISS Essential Line connectivity solutions enable direct connectivity with ophthalmic PACS, practice management systems and EMR applications via XML and DICOM.

    ZEISS Essential Line connectivity solution scenarios

    Refractive data can be used to pre-set the ZEISS VISUPHOR® 500 digital phoropter both directly as well as via network connectivity.

    Option 1 – Small practices without a PMS or EMR software

    Patient management systems or electronic patient records are not commonplace in many small practices. Even without a medical data management solution, they can benefit from data connectivity: thanks to ZEISS software.

    The ZEISS VISUREF 100 autorefractor and ZEISS VISULENS 500 automated lensmeter, for example, can be directly linked to the ZEISS VISUPHOR 500 digital phoropter via plug-and-play connection. When starting the eye care workflow at the autorefractor or lensmeter, refractive data can be directly sent to the digital phoropter to pre-set the lenses, thereby enabling faster subjective refraction.


    Integration requirements: This option does not require any integration with a practice database system.

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    Option 2 – Practices using a PMS- or EMR-based workflow

    Small and medium-sized practices that manage their eye care workflow with the help of a PMS can also connect ZEISS pretest devices via the serial interface. Medical Technician Assistants (MTAs) can store pretest data in the PMS and use it to preset the subjective refraction. Work lists can be created for subjective refraction and the data can be stored in the central data archive.

    Integration requirements: This option requires ZEISS VISUSCREEN integration with the PMS using either web service or DICOM software. It also requires serial interface integration with the PMS.

    Click here to download interface information

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    Option 3 – Practices with a PMS, EMR or PACS

    ZEISS VISUCONNECT® 500 links your pretest area with your PMS or ophthalmic data archive as the central storage site for refractive data. Thus, MTAs can maintain their pretest area workflow without needing to manually manage refractive data. These are available to all authorized users as soon as the MTA sends them to the connected data management system. Work lists can be created both for pretest devices as well as for subjective refraction.


    Integration requirements: This option requires ZEISS VISUCONNECT 500 integration with the PMS using either web-based service or DICOM software. It also requires ZEISS VISUSCREEN integration with the PMS using either web-based service or DICOM software.

    Click here to download interface information

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  • For Software Developers

    Information for developers of ophthalmic EMR, practice management systems and PACS

    Concerning DICOM conformance, web-based interface and serial connectivity solutions of the ZEISS Essential Line, the below listed materials are available for downloading free of charge.

    • DICOM conformance statements
    • "How to Connect" guide and demo application for developers 
    • SOAP specifications 
    • Serial interface descriptions

    SOAP specifications for ZEISS VISUCONNECT 500 / ZEISS VISUSCREEN 100/500

    "How to Connect" guide and demo application for developers

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    FAQ- ZEISS Essential Line Connectivity

    For Eye Care Professionals

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