Measuring intraocular pressure with the gold standard.
Measuring intraocular pressure with the gold standard. ZEISS AT 020

Applanation Tonometer AT 020

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    Applanation Tonometers

    Fast and efficient measurement of intraocular pressure

    The AT 020 Applanation Tonometer from ZEISS allows precise measurement of intraocular pressure. Depending on your preference, you can attach an upright tonometer with a working position over the slit lamp swivel joint or mount a suspended tonometer on the stereomicroscope.

    The AT 20 was designed on the principle introduced by Professor Goldmann. This principle represents the gold standard in tonometry. Adapters allow the tonometers to be mounted to different slit lamps. Naturally, even with a mounted applanation tonometer, you still have the possibility for later slit lamp extensions.

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    SL 115 Classic with AT 020

    SL 115 Classic with AT 020


    Carl Zeiss: Vision meets competence

    With dedication and technical expertise, Carl Zeiss has been meeting even the highest demands on precision  engineering and optics for more than 160 years. In 1912 Carl Zeiss developed the first slit lamp together with the Swedish ophthalmologist and Nobel laureate Allvar Gullstrand. Generations of leading ophthalmologists have played a key role in perfecting this unique eye examination system.

  • Technical Data
    Applanation Tonometers AT 020
    Measuring body 2 prisms for image splitting
    Diameter of applanation field 3.06 mm (0.12 in)
    Measuring range 0 - 78 mN
    Scale reading 1.96 mN
    Reading of graduated drum X 10 = intraocular pressure in mm Hg  
    (or conversion to kPa with conversion table)
    Dimensions of tonometer 200 x 85 x 218 mm
    (7.9 x 3.3 x 8.6 in)
    Total weight
    680 g (1.50 lbs)
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    Ergo Tube

    A wide range of accessories available for your ZEISS Slit Lamp

    From measurement to documentation, a broad spectrum of optional accessories is available for your slit lamp. If you are looking for more patient comfort, improved ergonomics or imaging solutions, learn more about suitable options for your ophthalmic workstation now.

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    ZEISS Customer Care

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