Measuring IOP quickly during pretests. ZEISS VISUPLAN 500


Non-contact Tonometer

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    The measurement of intraocular pressure is part of every professional glaucoma screening. The VISUPLAN® 500 from ZEISS makes this examination very easy and, complementing the Goldmann tonometry, does not require contact or anesthesia. The measurement is made with a soft puff of air and can be administered by your practice team.

    Intuitive Operation

    Intuitive Operation

    The measurement process runs automatically. You start directly via the touchscreen and choose from single or multiple measurements. You also have the option of initiating a test puff to prepare your patients for the examination. The results appear directly on the monitor. Alternatively, you can print out the results with the integrated thermal printer or export via serial interface.


    Stable headrest and reliable LED fixation

    The headrest allows for simple positioning of the patient. The integrated LEDs help patients intuitively fixate, enabling a fast and reliable measurement. You move the headrest to measure the second eye.


    Automatic positioning and measurement

    Thanks to the auto-tracking of the probe, it is very easy to find the right position and initiate the measurement.


    Key benefits at a glance

    • Your staff can take the measurement.
    • Quickly and reliably identify patients at risk.
    • Receive accurate measurement results.
    • Provide fast and comfortable IOP screening for your patients.
    Connectivity with ZEISS VISUCONNECT500

    Connectivity with ZEISS VISUCONNECT 500

    Connect your device to a local network, use a patient work list on a tablet or PC and transfer measurements to your EMR/PMS or FORUM® from ZEISS with the optional VISUCONNECT® 500 from ZEISS.

  • Technical Data
    VISUPLAN 500
    Dimensions (W x D x H)
    270 x 359 x 501 mm
    10.9 kg
    Power frequency
    50/60 Hz
    Power consumption
    60-85 VA
    100-240 V
    Protection class
    Instrument type
    B (DIN EN 60601-1)
    Measuring range
    7 to 60 mmHg
    5.7" LCD TFT
    Thermal Printer
    Printer paper
    Thermal paper (width: 57 mm, roll diameter: 50 mm)
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    ZEISS Customer Care

    ZEISS Customer Care

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