SL 220 LED slit lamp from ZEISS
Enjoying bright performance. ZEISS SL 220


Powerful flexibility

  • Highlights

    The ZEISS SL 220 slit lamp delivers flexible performance throughout the day. Featuring the popular tower concept with LED illumination, it is a solid investment for years of use. Superb optical and mechanical qualities that one has come to expect from ZEISS, convenient operation as well as detailed, contrast-rich images that support fast, precise slit lamp biomicroscopy. Wide-ranging accessories allow for individual setup to suit your preferences.  


    Optical brilliance

    • LED slit lamp with latest LED technology for instant, stable illumination
    • 22 mm stereo base and large field with fully rotatable 12 mm slit for superb view of the entire anterior eye segment
    • High-contrast, high-resolution slit images of exceptional detail for fast, reliable slit lamp examinations

    Operational convenience

    • ZEISS slit lamp featuring the popular tower-type user interface for convenient, intuitive operation
    • Joystick, quick action brake and easy-grip controls for precise slit adjustments
    • Choice of 3 or 5 magnification steps for observation from overview to detail
    • Optional parallel or convergent tube to support your workflow preferences

    Convenient imaging

    • The ZEISS SL 220 slit lamp features the ZEISS SL Imaging Module: Document any slit lamp examination with high-resolution images and videos – for review, follow-ups and patient education
    • The SL cam 5.0, a fully integrated, highly compact 5-megapixel camera, and the SL imaging software combine forces to deliver high-resolution images and videos
    • User-specific capture settings and image review functionalities promote a smooth workflow
  • Technical Data
      ZEISS SL 220 slit lamp
    Magnification 5-step: 6x/10x/16x/25x/40x
    3-step: 10x/16x/25x
    Field of view 5-step magnification: 41 mm to 5.7 mm
    3-step magnification: 26.5 mm to 8.7 mm
    Eyepiece magnification 12.5x, compensation of ametropia ±8 D
    Width of slit image Continuous from 0 to 12 mm
    Length of slit image Variable in steps of 0.2/1/3/5/9/12 mm,
    continuous 1 to 12 mm with scale indication
    Rotation of slit image Continuous ±90° 
    Decentration of slit image ±4° horizontally, fixated at 0°
    Swivel range of slit projector 180°, scale for angular difference;
    click stops at -10°/0°/+10°
    Angle of incidence Variable in steps of 0°/5°/10°/15°/20°
    Filters Blue, green (red-free), grey, red, swing-in;
    diffusing screen, swing-in;
    barrier filter yellow, swing-in
    Free working distance
    exit mirror/patient’s eye
    88 mm
    Travel of instrument base 30 mm (vertical), 1.2 in (vertical),
    110 mm (lateral), 4.3 in (lateral),
    90 mm (axial), 3.5 in (axial)
    Vertical travel of headrest 59 mm, 2.3 in
    Projection illumination 15 V, LED
    Brightness Continuously adjustable
    Rated voltage From 100 V - 10% to 240 V + 10%, 50 / 60 Hz
    Weight 12.5 kg / 27.55 lbs (instrument including headrest)
    Dimensions of basic instrument
    (W x H x D)
    300 mm x 705 mm (±15 mm) x 355 mm
    11.8 in x 27.7 in (±0.6 in) x 13.9 in
  • Options & Accessories

    Versatile excellence

    The SL 220 slit lamp features powerful versatility for comprehensive slit lamp examinations. A broad assortment of optional accessories – from ergonomics to tonometry – is available for expanded applications and excellent patient care. The ZEISS SL Imaging Module conveniently documents clinical findings.

    Selection of optional accessories
    ZEISS SL Imaging Module SL cam 5.0 – 20/30 SL, SL cam 5.0 – beam splitter
    Tube   Parallel tube, convergent tube
    Ergonomics Fixation light
    Additional accessories
    for imaging solution
    USB foot switch  
    Optional USB camera cable 3 m
    DigiCam Illuminator  
    SL Workstation (22" panel-PC)  
    Hygiene accessories Breath shield
    Paper for chin cup
    Instrument tables    Instrument table IT 760 (120 V, 50/60 Hz or 230 V, 50/60 Hz)
    Instrument table IT 1060 (120 V, 50/60 Hz or 230 V, 50/60 Hz)
    Others Beam splitter 50  
    Co-observation accessory via beam splitter 50  
    Focus rod  

    Overview of all ZEISS slit lamp accessories

    For the full range of slit lamp accessories, please contact your local ZEISS sales representative.

  • Applying the Expertise
    corneal structure image

    Corneal structures in direct focal illumination1

    ZEISS slit lamps “My image precisely.”

    Eye care professionals often have very different requirements in terms of the examinations they perform. Delivering proven quality for reliable performance every day, slit lamps from ZEISS combine premium optics with superb mechanical performance and versatility. Excellent ergonomics, simple handling, convenient documentation and easy upgradeability have made them mainstays in practices around the world.



    Guides and application information
    Eye Examination with the Slit Lamp
    Diagnosis of the Dry Eye by Means of the Lid-parallel Conjunctival Folds (LIPCOF)
    Van Herick's Method for the Estimation of the Chamber Angle



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    ZEISS Customer Care

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  • 1 Courtesy of Prof. Dr. med. Jürgen Strobel, Eye Clinic of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Jena, Germany