Subjective Refraction with VISUSCREEN 100/500 and VISUPHOR 500
Assessing visual acuity the fast way. Subjective Refraction from ZEISS
Subjective Refraction with VISUSCREEN 100/500 and VISUPHOR 500


Easy subjective refraction

VISUSCREEN 100/500 and VISUPHOR 500 from ZEISS

Acuity Chart and Digital Phoropter

  • Highlights

    The acuity chart systems VISUSCREEN 100/500 and the digital phoropter VISUPHOR® 500 from ZEISS offer refraction specialists a sophisticated, modular solution, combining comfort and convenience with speed and efficiency.

    Made to assist your expertise

    Made to assist your expertise

    • Flexible: Subjective refraction systems from ZEISS are modular and expandable to suit your needs.
    • Simple: Acuity charts and phoropter allow easy, intuitive operation via touch-screen interface.
    • Efficient: Preconfigured workflows let you get right to work, saving you time preparing refraction tests.
    • Connected: You can upload presets from the autorefractor VISUREF® 100 and the digital lensmeter VISULENS® 500 from ZEISS; or directly connect to selected data management systems such as FORUM® from ZEISS.
    Simple touch screen control

    Simple touch screen control

    Simplicity best describes the handling experience of the ZEISS subjective refraction system. The clearly structured user interface makes working with the ZEISS VISUSCREEN/VISUPHOR very easy. With the fully integrated GUI, both the phoropter and acuity screen can be controlled as one subjective refraction unit. Even single-handedly, with the optional, medical grade panel PC or an iPad.


    Smart workflow

    The ZEISS VISUPHOR 500 enables preconfigured workflows. Thereby, settings for each test are optimally adjusted, fully automatically, making standard refraction tests simple and fast. Settings and workflows can also be individually configured in the freestyle mode. Patient contact with the headrest is continuously monitored and displayed on the screen.

    VISUSCREEN 100/500

    Choice of acuity chart systems

    The ZEISS VISUPHOR 500 digital phoropter is an accessory for the ZEISS VISUSCREEN 100/500 acuity chart system. It is available either with red/green separation or with the renowned Polatest® technology from ZEISS. The acuity chart system features over 20 tests for accurately assessing monocular and binocular vision, and can also be operated as a stand-alone device if you prefer to work with a trial lens set or a manual phoropter.

  • Technical Data


    VISUSCREEN 100/500
    Test area size (W x H)
    299.5 x 223.5 mm
    Testing distance
    1 to 8 m
    Polarization directions for analyzers1
    Right eye: 45° / left eye: 135°
    VISUPHOR 500
    Spherical lenses -19.00 to +16.75 D (increments: 0.12 / 0.25 D)
    Cylinder lense 0 to ± 8.75 D
    Cylinder axis 0 to 180° (increments: 1° steps)
    PD 48 to 80 mm
    Rotary prism 0 to 20 ∆
    Retinoscopy +1.5 D, +2.0 D
    Pin hole lens 2 mm
    Maddox rod Right eye: red, horizontal / left eye: red, vertical
    Red/green filter Right eye: red / left eye: green
    Polarizing filter Right eye: 135°, 45° / left eye: 45°, 135°
    Split prism Right eye: 6 ∆ BU / left eye: 10 ∆ BI (up to 5 ∆ complement)
    Physical data
    VISUSCREEN 100/500
    VISUPHOR 500
    Line voltage
    100 – 240 V AC
    ± 10%, 50…60 Hz
    100 – 120 / 200 – 240 V AC
    ± 10%, 50…60 Hz
    Power consumption 50 VA 145 VA
    Dimensions (W x H x D ) 594 x 594 x 110 mm 361 x 280 x 108 mm
    Weight 16 kg 5 kg
    Interfaces 1x USB / WLAN
    2x RS232 / Bluetooth
    System requirements iPad 3, 4 or Air with iOS 7 or later iPad 3, 4 or Air with iOS 7 or later

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    ZEISS Customer Care

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    VISUSCREEN 100/500 and VISUPHOR 500 from ZEISS

    Easy subjective refraction with acuity charts and digital phoropter

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  • 1 Only valid for VISUSCREEN 500