Simplifying the Complex: ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace
innovationMADE BY ZEISS
Simplifying the complex. ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace
innovationMADE BY ZEISS

Glaucoma Workplace

Streamline your decision-making

  • Highlights
    Glaucoma Workplace: Integrated Structure-Function Information

    Simplify the complex

    Integrate individual data sets into a single visualization to help guide your assessments by spotlighting changes that could impact disease management.

    • Assess early
    • Individualize therapy
    • Identify change
    • View integrated information

    Information delivery at a glance

    1. Monitor your patient's treatment:

    Trend Analysis for both structure and function shows change over time.

    2. Progression status guidance:

    GPA™ alert is a plain language message "Possible Progression" or "Likely Progression".

    3. Easily identify change:

    Color-coded alerts help you quickly identify statistically significant change.

    Know sooner than later

    *This case is courtesy of Christopher Kai-Shun Leung, MD – The Chinese University of Hong Kong

    1. RNFL loss in 2013:

    RNFL loss detected before visual field loss.

    2. Visual Field Loss in 2016:

    Visual field loss detected 3 years after pre-perimetric loss was first found*.

  • Technical Data

    Minimum requirements for Glaucoma Workplace powered by FORUM®

      FORUM Server
    FORUM Version Version 4.1 or higher
    Processor Intel® Core™ i5-750 or similar
    Free RAM At least 8 GB RAM
    Free hard disc capacity Minimum 8.0 GB free space on HDD
    Screen resolution Minimum screen resolution: 1680x1050 pixels; Recommended screen resolution: 1920x1080 pixels
    Operating System The ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace server must be installed on the same computer as the ZEISS FORUM server application. The OS requirements are the same as for the ZEISS FORUM server and client application.
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    ZEISS Customer Care

    ZEISS Customer Care

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