Humphrey FDT
Expanding your field of vision ZEISS Humphrey FDT

Humphrey FDT

  • Highlights
    Humphrey FDT 400

    Humphrey FDT - Frequency Doubling Technology for efficient visual field loss detection

    Clinically validated

    The Humphrey FDT® is ideal for clinics desiring to identify patients in need of ophthalmological referral. It has been clinically validated in more than 170 peer-reviewed publications.

    Easy to operate and interpret
    The FDT is optimized for use in both ophthalmological and non-ophthalmological settings and
    may be operated by healthcare workers having little or no specialty training in ophthalmology.

    • Patients may be tested using their own glasses, no requirement for trial lenses or eye patches1
    • Short test: ~ 40 seconds per eye
    • Simplified interpretation of results
    • Large, age-related normative database
    • Compact design that fits anywhere in your practice
    • Easy and intuitive operation for users of any level of experience
    • Dependable performance in ambient light
    • Convenient low-cost, built-in printer*

    1Trial lenses are required beyond ± 3 diopters for the Matrix and beyond ± 7 diopters for the FDT.
    *FDT does not include electronic connectivity.

  • Technical Data
    Test Specifications

    Maximum temporal range (degrees)


    Stimulus duration


    Visual field testing distance


    Background illumination

    100 cd/m2
    Threshold test libraries C-20, N-30
    Threshold test strategy MOBS
    Screening test libraries C-20, N-30
    Screening test modes Age corrected
    Fixation control
    Heijl Krakau blind spot monitor
    Operator interface (display) LCD
    Stimulus Frequency doubling
    Stimulus sizes 10°
    Printer Thermal printer


    17'' (43 cm)


    10'' (25 cm)


    19'' (48 cm)


    19 lbs (8.6 kg)
    Electrical requirements 100-120 V, 50/60 Hz
    230 V, 50/60 Hz
    Standards Meets UL, CSA, and CE standards
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    Customer Care

    Customer Care

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    Our dedication to providing the highest quality of customer care is reflected by the fact that our customers consistently rank us superior in terms of their satisfaction with our performance.

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