Humphrey Matrix 800 2 state

Humphrey Matrix 800

Proven early visual field loss detection and connectivity.

Humphrey Matrix 800 1 state

Humphrey Matrix 800

Proven to find early visual field loss.

Humphrey Matrix 800

  • Highlights
    Humphrey Matrix 800

    Humphrey Matrix® 800 for early visual field loss detection

    Proven to find early visual field loss. Quickly. Easily.

    • Connects to office networks, EHRs and FORUM®.
    • Frequency Doubling Technology – detects damage to the M-cells, a subset of ganglion cells.
    • Large, age-related normative database.
    • Fast and easy to use –no darkened room required.
    • No trial lenses or eye patches required.**
    • Fits in any practice –compact and portable.
    • Offers reports similar to those of the Humphrey HFA, the World Standard of Care.

    * Using DICOM, or you can export JPEG or PDF files via the USB port to a PC or EHR.

    ** Trial lenses are required beyond +/-3 diopters for the Humphrey Matrix and beyond +/-7 diopters for the Humphrey FDT.

  • Technical Data
    Test Specifications

    Maximum temporal range (degrees)


    Stimulus duration


    Visual field testing distance


    Background illumination

    100 cd/m2

    Threshold test libraries

    FDT Full Threshold: 24-2, 30-2, N-30, 10-2, Macula

    Threshold test strategy


    Screening test libraries

    FDT Supra-threshold: N-30, 24-2

    Fixation control

    Video eye monitoring, Heijl
    Krakau fixation method, Alternative fixation targets

    Operator interface

    LCD, keyboard
    Stimulus Frequency doubled sinusoidal gratings
    Stimulus sizes 2°, 5°, 10°
    Printer Native generic PCL 3, PCL 5 and postscript support for local, shared and
    network printers
    Test storage User-defined
    Software features Glaucoma Hemifield Test (GHT), Serial Field Overview, Networking, FORUM Connectivity, DICOM Connectivity
    Data storage, retrieval and analysis 40 GB hard drive, USB, CD-R/W drive


    17'' (43 cm)


    12'' (30 cm)


    22'' (56 cm)


    30 lbs (14 kg)
    Electrical requirements 100-240 V, ~50/60 Hz, 200 VA max
    Standards Meets UL, CSA, and CE standards
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    Customer Care

    Customer Care

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    Our dedication to providing the highest quality of customer care is reflected by the fact that our customers consistently rank us superior in terms of their satisfaction with our performance.

  • More Information

    Humphrey Matrix 800

    Proven early visual field loss detection with connectivity

    Page(s): 8
    File size: 3,272 kB

    Humphrey Matrix 800

    Network Connectivity Goals and Requirements

    Page(s): 2
    File size: 451 kB

    Humphrey Matrix Model 800

    User Manual

    Page(s): 158
    File size: 6,553 kB

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