VisuMax Femtosecond System
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precisionMADE BY ZEISS
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  • Product Information
    VisuMax Femtosecond System

    VisuMax Femtosecond System

    Defining the pulse rate in refractive surgery

    With the VisuMax® from ZEISS, ZEISS is significantly shaping the world of refractive surgery. This ground-breaking laser system employs high-performance femtosecond laser technology and is characterized by its outstanding cutting precision, unsurpassed speed and gentle treatment technique. The VisuMax is the ideal platform for therapeutic and refractive applications of cutting-edge corneal surgery, including:

    Flap - for precise flap cutting for Femto-LASIK

    Keratoplasty - for a broad spectrum of corneal transplant procedures

    Incision for ICR - intracorneal tunnel segments

    ReLEx SMILE - minimally invasive laser vision correction


    With ReLEx® SMILE® from ZEISS, the VisuMax heralds a paradigm shift in refractive surgery: minimally invasive laser vision correction. It completes the unparalleled range of innovative surgical possibilities and creates the ideal preconditions for tapping into new patient groups.

    VisuMax is the logical enhancement of the product range for refractive surgeons – and marks another step into the future of corneal surgery, the progress of which ZEISS has been shaping for more than 20 years.

  • Technical Data
    VisuMax femtosecond laser system
    System components Patient supporting system, including platform
    Integrated uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
    Surgical microscope with additional slit illumination
    Video camera with integrated digital recording
    Laser parameters Wavelength 1043 nm
    Pulse duration 220–580 fs
    Laser pulse rate 500 kHz
    Installation and set-up conditions
    Weight 870 kg (including patient supporting system, platform, UPS)
    Recommended space requirement 3.80 x 4.40 m (Standalone)
    (3.80 x 6.00 m in combination with MEL 80 Excimer Laser)
    Electrical connection 100–240 V, 50/60 Hz, max. 16 A
    Separately fused circuit
    Operating conditions
    Room temperature 18 to 25 °C
    Atmospheric humidity 30 to 70 %
    Single-use contact glasses Treatment Pack (sizes S / M / L and type KP)
    Keratoplasty adapter for patient supporting system
  • Applications

    VisuMax applications

    Precision in all facets

    The VisuMax is extraordinary in all major applications of state-of-the-art corneal surgery. The innovative femtosecond system brings together perfectly coordinated components to provide maximum cutting precision, efficiency, predictability and comfort.

    ReLEx smile lenticule extraction

    The lenticule is removed through the small incision. The disruption to the biomechanics of the cornea is minimal. No flap is cut.


    A minimally invasive laser correction treatment option

    With ReLEx® SMILE® from ZEISS, the VisuMax enables the fusion of cutting-edge femtosecond technology and precise lenticule extraction to provide minimally invasive vision correction. A refractive lenticule is created in the intact cornea and removed via a small incision. Without ablation. Without a flap. The treatment is a flapless, all-femto and single-step procedure.

    Outstanding results

    • Small incision options of 60 or 90 degrees
    • Side-cut length up to 80% smaller and cap incision area up to 30% smaller than Femto-LASIK flap
    • Reproducibility of lenticule irrespective of individual corneal characteristics and ambient conditions 
    • Excellent predictability, particularly when correcting higher refraction values
    • Entire correction is performed as a single-step: one laser, one treatment plan and one laser process
    ReLEx smile step1

    A refractive lenticule and small incision are created inside the intact cornea – all in one step.

    ReLEx smile step2

    The lenticule is subsequently removed through this small incision, leaving the remainder of the superficial cornea intact.

    ReLEx smile Step3

    Removing the lenticule changes the shape of the cornea, thereby achieving the desired refractive correction.

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    Femto-LASIK flap


    For Femto-LASIK, VisuMax means above all one thing: high-precision flaps. Combined with the excimer laser MEL 80­® from ZEISS, it offers an optimally coordinated system solution for refractive laser surgery – for a convenient workflow and efficient patient management.


    The combination of precision and efficiency

    • Computer-controlled flap parameters
    • Widely adjustable flap diameter, thickness, hinge position, side cut angle
    • High-precision flaps due to high-performance femtosecond technology
    • High reproducibility and consistency of flap thickness
    • Easy repositioning of the flap
    • Optimum workflow due to perfectly coordinated system components
    • Smooth, finely structured surface of the stromal bed
    • Prevents any unnecessary compression of corneal tissue which could lead to raised IOP, temporary loss of vision and trauma, due to the anatomically curved contact glass and nonscleral suction.
    MEL 90-VisuMax-Combination

    Pivotable patient supporting system

    The shared use of the pivotable patient supporting system by the VisuMax and the MEL 80 saves the patient from having to move from one treatment location to another. The patient experiences the surgery as an integrated process. Unnecessary waiting periods are minimized and treatment efficiency is increased.

    Step 1:
    The femtosecond laser creates the flap.

    Step 2:
    The patient is relocated to the excimer laser.

    Femto LASIK Step 1

    Step 1

    Femto LASIK Step 2

    Step 2

    Step 3:
    The flap is manually opened and folded back to expose the corneal layer (stroma) beneath.

    Step 4:
    The excimer laser ablates the pre-calculated corneal tissue point-by-point.

    Femto LASIK Step 3

    Step 3

    Femto LASIK Step 4

    Step 4

    Step 5:
    The upper corneal layer is then re-applied following the refractive correction.

    Femto LASIK Step 5

    Step 5

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    for high-precision tissue grafts

    The VisuMax offers a broad spectrum of corneal transplant procedures, including lamellar and penetrating keratoplasty. High-precision cutting quality and rapid incision progress enable the preparation of precision corneal grafts and ideal preparation of the recipient's cornea.

    • Penetrating Keratoplasty (PKP)

    Perfect tissue grafts

    The unique adapter attached to the headrest of the patient supporting system serves as an ideal work platform for preparing the corneal donor graft.


    Specially developed contact glass (type KP)

    The curved contour of the contact glass prevents any unnecessary compression of the corneal tissue. It is also compatible with most artificial anterior chambers.

    Precise results

    • High-precision cutting quality in anterior lamellar and endothelial Keratoplasty
    • Penetrating Keratoplasty with perfect fit for donor and recipient cornea
    • Precisely predictable incision pattern for greater reliability when preparing thin grafts
    • Small spot distance for excellent cutting quality and easy separation of the tissue
    • Flexible adjustment of the cutting parameters on the VisuMax

    Maximum efficiency for optimum workflows

    • 500 kHz laser pulse frequency for faster, more precise treatments and shorter cutting times (typically less than 60 seconds), even for very deep cuts
    • High-quality surgical microscope for visual control at all treatment phases
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    Incision for ICR

    Incision for ICR

    optimized treatment planning

    When implanting intracorneal ring (ICR) segments, surgeons benefit from the unique advantages of the VisuMax femtosecond laser. The Incision for ICR option offers the possibility, for the first time, to create even inclined cutting geometries as well as single tunnel segments between 90° and 270°. The repeatedly proven femtosecond laser technology ensures not only high-precision cutting quality but also previously unattainable degrees of freedom when defining the tunnel parameters.

    Degrees of freedom redefined

    The VisuMax with its cleared range of adjustable parameters and combinations thereof is optimally designed to provide surgeons a unique degree of flexibility in incision planning for approved ICR indications.

    Tailor-made segments

    For the first time, it is also possible to create tunnels with an arc angle of less than 360° using a femtosecond laser: With segments of between 90° and 270° partial tunnels can be designed individually, with precision and a high degree of flexibility. Thus tunnels can also be created for the combination of ring segments with different thicknesses to address different SEQs of patient's individual manifest refraction.

    New treatment alternatives offer individual benefits

    • The option to select between 0, 1 or 2 trapezoidal access incisions facilitates flexible tunnel access
    • Width and inclination of the tunnel can be freely defined and precisely adjusted to the individual corneal shape and the applied ring geometry
    • Seamlessly integrated into the user interface of the VisuMax, the ICR option provides maximum ease of use
    • Rapid and intuitive entry of the necessary parameters
    • The possibility to save user-defined cutting geometries as reusable templates increases workflow efficiency
    • Reliability enhancement by graphic visualization of the parameter selection and automatic consistency check of the input parameters
    • The unique contact glass is modelled on the natural shape of the corneal surface and thus contributes to patient-friendly treatment methods.
    • Excellent control of tunnel preparation and ICR implant insertion as well as complete video documentation using the high-quality ZEISS surgical microscope

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  • Benefits

    VisuMax strengths

    Building blocks of state-of-the-art femtosecond technology
    Curved contact glass

    A contact glass as ingeniously designed as the cornea

    The surface of the human cornea is curved. Thus, Carl Zeiss contact glasses are curved, too. The three different sizes available (S, M, L) ensure an optimal fit to the anatomy of the eye. The cornea is not forced into a deformed planar, non-physiological shape – and artifacts are avoided in the cutting result, as is unnecessarily high IOP.

    Incision with precision

    Maximum cutting precision

    High-precision optics from Carl Zeiss provide an extremely focused laser beam. The result: minimum laser pulse energy at a high pulse frequency for unsurpassed incision control – at precisely the desired depth in the cornea, even with threedimensional, curved incisions.

    ZEISS surgical microscope

    Brilliant visual control

    The integrated, high-quality ZEISS surgical microscope, including digital video camera for live recording of the surgical procedure ensures precise and complete control of each treatment step.

    Pivoting patient supporting system

    A smart unit

    The ergonomically pivoting patient supporting system ensures maximum comfort. The patient's position is continuously monitored during treatment and the sturdy yet comfortable patient supporting system is automatically adjusted during surgery.

    Laser pulse frequency of 500 kHz

    Efficiency paying off

    With a laser pulse frequency of 500 kHz, the VisuMax realizes short treatment times. This means more comfort for both physician and patient. In addition, the user benefits from a more efficient workflow and a higher throughput of satisfied patients.

    Integrated slit illumination

    Slit illumination for greater detail

    As a universal workstation for corneal surgery, the VisuMax features integrated slit illumination for monitoring and control immediately after the respective treatment, without the patient having to switch places or change position.

    Touchscreen and intuitive software

    Achieving objectives with intuition

    The VisuMax can be easily controlled via its touchscreen and intuitive software. An interactive wizard supports the surgeon during all steps.

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