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Effective and efficient imaging and analysis. ZEISS Retina Solutions
innovationMADE BY ZEISS
innovationMADE BY ZEISS
Imaging ultra-wide without compromise. ZEISS CLARUS 500

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innovationMADE BY ZEISS


Retina Diagnostics

We offer market leading suites of retinal imaging and analysis applications as well as therapeutic lasers and surgical visualization solutions to address all major retinal disease entities.

Retina Diagnostics

Our retina suites offer imaging and advanced image analysis to support daily decision making in routine retina exams, diabetic retinopathy and vascular disease, dry and wet forms of age-related macular degeneration, central serous retinopathy and vitreoretinal interface disorders.

Advanced analyses are based on high-definition CIRRUS™ HD-OCT scans, dense OCT data cubes, and high-resolution images from fundus photography. Clinical images and data can be reviewed and compared in a variety of formats through the FORUM® Eye Care Data Management System from ZEISS for enhanced efficiency and paperless workflow.

Retina Treatment

Various treatment options are made possible by the VISULAS® therapeutic lasers and the OPMI LUMERA® surgical microscopes equipped with the RESIGHT® non-contact fundus viewing system.

Therapeutic Lasers

Surgical Microscopes

Fundus Viewing Systems

Computer Assisted Cataract Surgery

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