FF450plus with VISUPAC

Details are its strong point

Color image panorama

FF450plus with VISUPAC

NEW Canon 5D Mark III now available

Fluorescence image panorama

FF450plus with VISUPAC

Color image panorama

ICG image

FF 450plus with VISUPAC

Fluorescein angiography panorama

Color image panorama

FF 450plus with VISUPAC

Indocyanin Green Angiography image

Fluorescence image

FF450plus with VISUPAC

Fluorescein angiography image

FF 450plus with VISUPAC

  • Highlights
    zeiss visupac

    Working together for enhanced patient care

    At the core of every successful treatment is a reliable diagnosis. This is why ZEISS has combined the diverse functions of sound retinal diagnostic procedures to produce one pioneering solution: the FF450plus fundus camera. In combination with the VISUPAC® image processing system, it allows for a unique level of diagnostic accuracy. It delivers images with the clearest details, thus providing the dependable basis for first-class treatment outcomes.

    visupac image

    Convenience you can feel

    VISUPAC features an extensive image processing, editing and assessment suite. Disease documentation can be enriched with markings and annotations for future reference or for image overlay to visualize disease progression. A unique AutoMap function lets you create magnificent wide-angle panoramic images at the push of a button.

    FF450plus with visupac

    Quality you can see

    The renowned optical quality of the FF450plus and integration with VISUPAC’s digital imaging capabilities makes the difference. The result is images of exquisite detail – a must for today's demanding ophthalmic professionals – be it for disease documentation, presentations, or for use in clinical trials. Its optical zoom features three magnification levels (20°, 30° and 50°) for optimal diagnostic insight. In addition, the highly flexible tilt and swivel mechanism allows imaging from virtually any angle.

    ff450plus telecentric optics

    Assessments you can trust

    The exclusive ZEISS telecentric optics of the FF450plus provide constant magnification, independent of focusing and position, resulting in virtually no distortion. Together with VISUPAC’s uniquely harmonized sensors, this enables you to accurately and repeatedly determine and analyze disease progression.

    Image management you can rely on

    Integrated data management functions enable fast, easy and secure documentation and storage of examination results for a comprehensive review and disease management. The built-in search function lets you easily query your patient and image database over numerous parameters for convenient data access.

    FF450plus fundus camera with VISUPAC

    Technology you can build on

    Ophthalmic solutions from ZEISS are built for reliability and solid return on investment – as is the FF450plus fundus camera with VISUPAC. As a scalable system with a modular design, it can be upgraded at any time to suit future needs – for example, adding indocyanine green angiography or fundus autofluorescence to expand your retinal diagnostic procedures.x

  • Sensors
    • Pike 145b
      Pike 145b
    • Pike 421b
      Pike 421b
    • ZK-5
    • Canon 5D
      Canon 5D
    Possible image type Pike 145b Pike 421b
    Canon 5D Mark III

    (Fluorescein Angiography)

    (Indocyanine Green Angiography)

    (Fundus Autofluorescence)

    Special features
    Excellent ICG images
    Outstanding images for Fluorescein angiography and Fundus autofluorescence
    Excellent color images and FA series
    Brilliant color images at different resolutions
  • Technical Data
    FF450plus Fundus Camera
    Field angle                     50° 30° 20°
    Viewing magnification 11x 19x 29x
    Visual observation
    through a special 10x eyepiece with a reticle, monocular
    Working distance
    front lens to patient's eye
    operator to patient's eye

    42 mm
    470 mm
    Ametropia correction (patient's eye)
    +/- 30 D, continuous
    Flash levels 25
    Flash energy max. 360 W
    Max. flash sequence
    1x per second (regardless of flash setting)
    Filters (motorized switching) For green (red-free), blue, and red images, filters for fluorescein angiography, filters for ICG angiography only available in IR version
    Capture modes
    Color, green (red-free), red, blue, fluorescence and ICG angiography, fundus autofluorescence
    Special features Telecentric optics; interface to VISUPAC image archiving system; interface to FORUM 
    Swivel range
    +/- 45° horizontal
    +15°/-10° vertical with hand wheel
    FF450plus basic system
    Power supply unit (PSU)
    (D x W x H)
    430 x 310 x 800; 21.5 kg
    360 x 132 x 440; 11 kg
    VISUPAC 500 Panel PC
    • Noiseless operation with a fanless system with Intel® Core™ 2 Duo, (2.26GHz), 8 GB RAM and 500 GB hard disk
    • Internal display: 22" WSXGA TFT with a resolution of 1680 x 1050
    • slot-in CD/DVD-RW drive
    Sensors ZK-5 Pike 145b Pike 421b Canon 5D Mark III
    Image resolution 2588 x 1958 pixels
    (5.0 MP)
    1392 x 1040 pixels
    (1.5 MP)
    2056 x 2062 pixels
    (4.1 MP)

    small: 2200 x 1920 pixels (4.2 MP)

    medium: 2920 x 2560 pixels
    (7.5 MP)

    large: 4360 x 3840 pixels
    (16.7 MP)

    to the computer

    to the fundus camera

    (IEEE 1394 a)
    Port 2            

    (IEEE 1394 b)
    Port 3

    (IEEE 1394 b)
    Port 3

    USB 2.0

    Port 1

    Essential Accessories
    (for the connection to the FF450plus fundus camera)
    video lens, cable,
    video lens, cable,
    video lens, cable,
    adapter, cable, license
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