VISUCAM Fundus Imaging
precisionMADE BY ZEISS
Enhancing practice performance. VISUCAM Fundus Imaging

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precisionMADE BY ZEISS
VISUCAM Fundus Imaging
Brilliance in every detail. VISUCAM Fundus Imaging

VISUCAM 524 Fundus Imaging

Superior clarity, ultra-high resolution, revolutionary ZEISS optics.

  • Highlights

    Introducing the NEW VISUCAM 524

    The new VISUCAM fundus camera with a 24-megapixel sensor produces brilliant, detail-rich images to effectively aid in diagnosing and monitoring a broad range of eye diseases – from glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy to dry AMD.

    • Greater diagnostic insight – High-resolution fundus imaging
    • Versatility – Fully-featured camera with all imaging modes
    • Enhanced practice performance – Simple design, user friendly, full integration with clinic workflow

    Setting a new standard for resolution

    Details define your decisions

    Ultra-high resolution and superior clarity promote efficient navigation from full-image overview to magnification of the smallest detail, allowing precise visualization within a particular area of interest. 

    Fundus autofluorescence (FAF)

    FAF is an important non-invasive tool for the diagnosis and monitoring of Dry AMD, including geographic atrophy.

    More than a pretty picture

    VISUCAM is a complete system with numerous on-board image capture modes – fundus autofluorescence, non-mydriatic Color, Red free, Red, Blue – and visualization functionality that provide powerful diagnostic insights for optimal patient care. 

    Best-in-class images from a 24-megapixel sensor

    VISUCAM 524 adds fluorescein angiography with an optional ICG mode for doctors who manage advanced disease and perform their own dye-based angiography.

  • Technical Data
    Fundus camera system
    Field angle
    45° and 30°
    Capture modes
    Color, red-free, blue, red and fundus autofluorescence images, stereo pairs and images of the anterior segment
    VISUCAM 524 only fluorescein angiography
    VISUCAM 524 only optional: ICG angiography

    Optical filters for capture modes: Filters for green and blue pictures, filters for fundus autofluorescence images, UV/IR barrier filters
    Compensation for ametropia
    +35 D… –35 D, continuous
    Capture sequence  from 1.5 seconds (depends on flash energy) 
    Pupil diameter
    ≥ 4.0 mm
    ≥ 3.3 mm (30° small pupil mode)
    Working distance 40 mm (patient’s eye – front lens)
    Capture sensor  CCD 24-megapixels 
    Monitor  23” TFT (1920 x 1080), connected via medical power supply 
    Fixation targets
    External and internal; four sizes of internal fixation target including a circle (for AMD patients). 
    Attention mode for internal fixation target; various programmed sequences or freely positionable in combination with stereo mode
    Flash energy
    Xenon flash lamp, 24 flash levels (max 80 Ws)
    Database Patient information and images with field angle, FA time, R/L recognition and date of visit are stored
    Computer / Accessories
    Operating system Windows Embedded Standard 7
    Hard drive Storage of approx. 80,000 images possible (present size of HDD: 420 GB)
    Interfaces USB ports and network connectors, DVI port
    Export/Import Supported image formats: DICOM-OP and VL, BMP, TIFF, JPEG
    Patient list, DICOM MWL, DICOM storage
    Instrument table Asymmetric, suitable for wheelchair
    Accessories Network printer, USB memory stick, monitor bracket, sliding keyboard shelf for
    instrument table, VISUPAC archiving and image analysis system, Network isolator
    Basic device 410 mm x 480 mm x 735 mm (W 16.14 x D 18.90 x H 28.94 inches)
    Monitor 544 mm x 45 mm x 329 mm (W 21.4 x D 1.8 x H 12.9 inches) (depends on model)
    Weight (basic device) 27.5 kg (60.7 lbs)
    Rated voltage 100 … 240 V ±10% (self-adjusting)
    Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
    Power consumption 340 VA maximum (basic device); 60 VA maximum (monitor)
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    VISUCAM Fundus Imaging

    Brilliance in every detail

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