VISULAS Trion: Inspiring excellence in vision preservation.
Inspiring excellence in vision preservation. ZEISS VISULAS Trion

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visulas trion multi-wavelength laser


Advanced multi-wavelength laser for controlled photocoagulation of the retina and choroid


Fully integrated laser workstation

  • Highlights
    VISULAS Trion

    Intelligent multi-wavelength laser for highly selective treatment choices

    The VISULAS® Trion from ZEISS is a compact, high-performance, diode-pumped solid-state laser. Its active thermoelectric cooling guarantees reproducible laser performance. The versatile system is designed for retinal photocoagulation as well as trabeculoplasty and iridotomy treatments for glaucoma. The VISULAS Trion from ZEISS has active thermoelectric cooling which guarantees reproducible laser performance. The optional VITE configuration enables multi-spot panretinal and grid photocoagulation

    Legendary ZEISS optics

    For decades ZEISS has developed high-quality therapeutic lasers featuring exceptional precision and legendary optics. Perfectly integrated laser slit lamps guarantee superior image quality in order to deliver reproducible clinical results.

    Control stick

    Precise laser positioning

    The electronic micromanipulator allows navigation with fingertip precision for sensitive, synchronous laser beam positioning and slit lamp illumination.

    doctor and patient tratment

    Gentle laser treatment

    The ParFocus™ zoom system delivers a homogeneous, sharply defined and reproducible laser spot on the retina and minimizes heat-related side-effects on the patient's cornea.

    Laser red

    Reduced treatment times

    Equipped with the VITE option, the VISULAS Trion is capable of delivering multi-spot treatment cascades both as automated and controlled sequences without compromising outcomes. Up to 12 laser pulses per cascade can be triggered with a single button press on the slit lamp joystick.

    enhanced workflow

    Enhanced workflow

    The illuminated SPOTview™ display allows the physician to continuously monitor the laser spot diameter, even in darkened environments.

    Compact in design

    Compact design

    Enables the system to be mobile.

    solid performance in operating room

    Operating room performance

    A perfect duo together with the OPMI LUMERA® 700 surgical microscope.

    Two illuminated and color-coded fiber ports

    Two fiber ports

    Facilitate a quick switch to a laser indirect ophthalmoscope.

  • Options & Accessories

    A wide range of applicators and high-quality accessories compliment the high-performance, multifaceted VISULAS® Trion.

    Laser indirect opthalmoscope

    Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope LIO 532s/Trion

    Provides excellent aiming beam contract against the retinal background in a light-weight, high-stability frame.

    ACCENTO Eyepiece
    ACCENTO Eyepiece

    ACCENTO Eyepiece

    Displays important treatment parameters while maintaining a clear view of the treatment area.


    ACCENTO Footswitch

    Enables convenient, hands-free adjustment of the active treatment parameter during treatment.

    doctor using visulas yag III 2

    ACCENTO Ergo Tube - the convenient viewing angle

    Treatment in a comfortable and relaxed position.

    TL Options parallel or convergent

    Parallel or convergent tubes

    Choose the set up that is most comfortable for your practice.

    TL Options digicam adapter

    DigiCam adapter

    Allows the connection of various standard camcorders and digital cameras. Designed for demonstrations to large groups and for digital documentation.

    TL Options applanation tonometer

    Applanation Tonometer

    Provides direct measurement of intraocular pressure without any need to move the patient.

    Laser warning light

    Laser warning light

    Laser warning light outside the laser therapy room indicates when the laser is switched on.

    TL OA instrument table

    Instrument table

    Vertically-adjustable instrument table is wheelchair accessible.

    Contact lenses

    Numerous high quality contact lenses available for therapeutic laser applications such as iridotomy, trabeculoplasty and retinal photocoagulation.

    Safety goggles

    Attractively designed laser safety goggles for reliable protection as per DIN EN 207.

    Transportation case

    Transportation case to store and carry your laser and accessories.

  • Technical Data
    Laser type Frequency-doubled solid-state laser
    Wavelength 532 nm, 561 nm, 659 nm
    Aiming beam Diode, 630 – 670 nm, adjustable brightness, max. 1 mW at the cornea
    Rated voltage and frequency 100 V to 240 V, 50/60 Hz
    Pulse duration (single pulse) 10 to 3000 ms
    Pulse duration (VITE option) 20 to 50 ms
    Pulse interval (single pulse) 100 to 6000 ms
    Maximum power 1.5 W (532 nm), 0.8 W (561 nm),
    1.0 W (659 nm) at the cornea
    Cooling system Thermoelectric
    Laser console dimensions  H 785 x W 330 x D 670 mm
    (30.9 x 13.0 x 26.4) inches
    Weight 48 kg (105.8 lbs)
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