Efficiency in the palm of your hand.

ZEISS VERACITY Surgery Planner

ZEISS VERACITY Surgery Planner

Are you ready to save time and be more efficient while delivering reliable patient results? Wouldn’t it be great if the time you and your staff now spend entering information, reviewing data and performing calculations could be reduced to a few clicks of the mouse?

If you are a cataract surgeon, ZEISS VERACITY Surgery Planner was created for you. This web-based software makes use of data from your EMR and diagnostic devices to help you work faster and make better decisions for your patients.

ZEISS has the vision and the expertise to bring the promise of modern technology to cataract surgery planning. This is an entirely new kind of product that has the potential to revolutionize cataract surgery as we know it.1

Kerry Solomon, MD; Charleston, SC

ZEISS VERACITY Surgery Planner is a spectacular new tool that optimizes the accuracy of our outcomes – the veracity – of our planning. This is technology that matters.1

Warren Hill, MD; Mesa, AZ

Maximize Efficiency

Cataract surgeons who understand your need to work efficiently designed ZEISS VERACITY Surgery Planner from the ground up. We know you need a powerful, effective tool that is easy to implement and use, and that saves you time. We get it – and we built it. Finally. Information technology that makes a difference.

Seamless Workflow

ZEISS VERACITY Surgery Planner creates a seamless digital workflow so your data is available where your need it – when you need it.

  • Web-based platform
  • Patient data on a secure cloud
  • EMR integrations
  • Diagnostic device integrations

One-stop Planning

With the advent of premium intraocular lenses and heightened expectations around astigmatism management, cataract surgery planning has become more complex, and more critical, than in years past. ZEISS VERACITY Surgery Planner provides instant access to all your relevant patient information and all your tools are in one convenient location.

Preview of the User Interface

Surgical Plan
ZEISS VERACITY Surgery Planner generates a plan for each eye with this summary at the top that includes the most significant information for your quick review.
OR Module
ZEISS VERACITY Surgery Planner transports your surgical plan to the OR to help keep the entire OR team on the same page during surgery.



Each practice is unique. ZEISS VERACITY Surgery Planner is highly configurable so that surgeons can continue the workflow patterns that work best in their practice.

Data Validation

ZEISS VERACITY Surgery Planner scrubs the data and generates alerts, if inconsistencies are present.

Warning and Alerts

We engineered this application with patient safety as a primary concern. ZEISS VERACITY Surgery Planner includes configurable, automated alerts intended to warn the surgeon if the patient has relevant medical problems, prior surgical procedures, medications or allergies that might be of concern for the planned surgery.

Compliance Checking and Medicolegal Protection

ZEISS VERACITY Surgery Planner automatically performs a compliance check to ensure the patient is eligible for surgery according to the rules configured by the surgeon. The application also documents what the surgeon plans to do, what the surgeon discussed with the patient during the planning process and what was actually done in the operating room.

Patient Questionnaire

We know that ultimate success with a patient depends on meeting that patient's expectations and desires.ZEISS VERACITY Surgery Planner includes an optional and configurable patient questionnaire to help document that critical information.

Planning Documentation

ZEISS VERACITY Surgery Planner automatically generates comprehensive surgical planning documents when a surgeon completes a surgical plan. This serves to keep the entire surgical team on the same page and ensures the ASC has advance notification of the surgeon’s anticipated needs.

Automated Operative Note

Physicians can configure their operative notes with custom text, variables and smart paragraphs to generate a comprehensive, accurate operative note without additional typing or dictating.

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