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Are you ready to save time and be more efficient while delivering reliable patient results? Wouldn’t it be great if the time you and your staff now spend entering information, reviewing data and performing calculations could be reduced to a single click of the mouse?

If you are a cataract surgeon, VERACITY Surgical was created for you. This web-based software makes use of data from your EMR and diagnostic devices to help you work faster and make better decisions for your patients.

ZEISS has the vision and the expertise to bring the promise of modern technology to cataract surgery planning. This is an entirely new kind of product that has the potential to revolutionize cataract surgery as we know it.*

Kerry Solomon, MD; Charleston, SC

The accuracy of our refractive outcomes is directly proportional to the way in which we use our pre-operative measurements to make surgical decisions. VERACITY Surgical is a spectacular new tool that optimizes the accuracy of our outcomes – the veracity – of our planning. This is technology that matters.*

Warren Hill, MD; Mesa, AZ

Maximize Efficiency

Veracity Surgical was designed by cataract surgeons who understand your need to work efficiently. We know that you need a powerful, effective tool that is easy to implement and use, and that saves you time. We get it – and we built it. Finally. Information technology that makes a difference.

One-click Planning

VERACITY Surgical incorporates powerful state-of-the-art tools that help you find the right intraocular lens solution for your patient, determine the proper lens power and manage your patient’s astigmatism. And, it automatically generates your documents and internal communications – all with a single click.

Plan with Confidence

With the advent of premium intraocular lenses and heightened expectations around astigmatism management, cataract surgery planning has become more complex, and more critical, than in years past. VERACITY Surgical provides powerful tools that help you create an appropriate and sophisticated surgical plan to meet your patient’s needs.

  • EMR Interface and Integration
  • Diagnostic Device Data Integration
  • Patient-Centered and Supported Design

Indispensable Logistical Support

VERACITY Surgical’s powerful and intuitive tools help you and your surgical team through the entire surgical cycle. It guides you in the surgical planning, assists with surgical scheduling, facilitates communication with your team, guides you through the surgery itself and then automatically assesses your post-operative data to assist with outcome analysis.

Preview of the User Interface

Patient Questionnaire
The quick process starts with a customizable questionnaire – that takes only seconds to complete – to determine whether the patient is eligible for the procedure and ascertain the type of visual result that the patient desires. Additionally, VERACITY Surgical automatically imports vital information (problem lists, medications, prior surgeries, refractions, etc.) from the patient’s EMR.
Refractions, K-readings, and axial length measurements are critical for cataract surgeons.
Refractions, K-readings, and axial length measurements are critical for cataract surgeons. Even if those measurements are imported flawlessly from the EMR or directly from the device, there is still potential for error. VERACITY Surgical scrubs data elements to find inconsistencies and generates an alert when it detects a value that doesn’t look right
VERACITY Surgical’s web-based technology enables surgeons and OR personnel to display a comprehensive checklist as well as the entire surgical plan with every essential document and diagnostic test in the operating room during surgery. The detailed plan also serves as a reminder of any special needs or concerns for each case and ensures that the entire surgical team understands exactly what has been planned for the procedure.


IOL Power Selection

IOL calculation is interfaced with your biometer, importing its data discretely, and intrinsically calculating the IOL power with either Barrett Universal II or Holladay II.

Toric Calculator

Toric calculators run natively in the system. Choose either the Barrett Toric Calculator or the Abulafia-Koch Toric Calculator for planning surgery.

Arcuate Incision (LRI) Calculator

With a single click, surgeons can determine the length, depth and optical zone for the arcuate incisions that would best minimize the eye’s residual astigmatic error.


Each practice is unique. VERACITY Surgical is highly configurable so that surgeons can continue the workflow patterns that work best in their practice.

Paperless Environment

Practices and individual physicians can configure their documents digitally to meet their needs, including consent forms, pre-op orders, pre-op instructions, operative notes and letters to referring physicians.

Surgical Scheduling

VERACITY Surgical provides an intuitive, efficient scheduling system.

Status Tracking and Data Validation

The status of each document is tracked throughout the planning process so that the surgical team is always aware of any deficiencies in the documentation process. Data elements are scrubbed to find inconsistencies and an alert generated when values are detected that don’t look right.

Warnings and Alerts

Engineered with patient safety as a primary concern, this application includes configurable, automated alerts intended to warn the doctor if the patient has relevant medical problems, prior surgical procedures, medications or allergies that might be of concern for the planned surgery.

Planning Documentation

Comprehensive surgical planning documents are automatically created when a surgeon completes a surgical plan. This serves to keep the entire surgical team on the same page, and ensures that the ASC has advance notification of the surgeon’s anticipated needs.

Medicolegal Protection and Compliance Checking

VERACITY Surgical not only documents what the surgeon plans to do and what was done in the operating room, but also what the surgeon discussed with the patient during the planning process. All visual measurements and patient complaints are imported from the EMR; data is checked according to the configured rules and an eligibility assessment is automatically rendered.

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