Surgical microscope OPMI PENTERO 900 from ZEISS in use for neurosurgery.
innovationMADE BY ZEISS
The moment you expand the surgical boundaries. This is the moment we work for.
innovationMADE BY ZEISS
innovationMADE BY ZEISS
Mastering the complex. ZEISS KINEVO 900

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innovationMADE BY ZEISS

Surgical Microscopes from ZEISS

The first prototypes of the first surgical microscope - the OPMI® 1 – were developed at ZEISS in Oberkochen in the early 1950s under the guidance of physicist Hans Littmann and the leading surgeon Prof. Dr. Horst Wullstein. Marking the breakthrough in otology, Prof. Dr. Horst Wullstein introduced the first surgical microscope at the World Congress in Amsterdam which was quickly adopted by various microsurgical disciplines.

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Since then, ZEISS has been at the forefront of innovations – leading technological advances in the field of microsurgery. We understand your everyday challenges and expectations from a surgical microscope. These insights drive us in developing premium surgical operating microscopes that support you to push the boundaries of surgical care and bring your surgical experience to the next level.

ZEISS Surgical microscopes elevate your complete surgical experience with:

  • Legendary ZEISS optics that deliver brilliant, crystal clear resolution and bright illumination, fully integrated into a compact optical head.
  • Superior ergonomics, maneuverability and workflow efficiency through its integration concepts.
  • Second to none advancements in the fields of imaging technologies like intraoperative fluorescence and 3D visualization.

See what leading surgeons have to say about ZEISS surgical microscopes:

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ZEISS surgical microscopes – Application-oriented solutions to your microsurgical needs

Neurosurgical microscopes

Innovative surgical microscopes for highly demanding neurosurgical applications

ZEISS surgical microscopes for neurosurgery are synonymous to innovations. These advancements are possible because we work closely together with leading surgeons to develop the most sophisticated but yet practical and simple solutions.

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Ophthalmic microscopes

Best-in-class ZEISS surgical microscopes for precise ophthalmic surgeries

Innovation in eye care allows you to see more for better decision-making during retina, cataract and corneal surgeries. ZEISS ophthalmic microscopes provide an excellent visualization of the eye, with optimal ergonomics and integrated assistance functions.

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ENT surgery microscopes

Simplified performance with ZEISS surgical microscopes for ENT applications

We know efficiency is so critical for you during back to back ENT surgeries. This is why, we bring together the two worlds of performance and efficiency for you. ZEISS ENT surgery microscopes support you at each step during ENT surgery with its compact design and seamless movement.

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Spine surgery microscopes

ZEISS spine surgery microscopes – Your partner in minimally invasive spine surgery

When it comes to delivering better patient care, reducing trauma and faster recovery – you probably turn to minimally invasive approaches. Surgical microscopes from ZEISS support you in seeing more through small incisions so that you can deliver better patient care. Think Micro!

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P&R surgery microscopes

The multi-faceted ZEISS surgical microscopes for plastic and reconstructive surgery

Whether you are concerned about a patent anastomosis during breast reconstruction or struggle to visualize tiny lymph vessels during lymphatic supermicrosurgery, the plastic and reconstructive surgical microscopes from ZEISS cover you for all your microsurgical needs.

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Dental surgical microscopes

Modern ZEISS surgical microscopes for enhanced visualization and dental treatments

ZEISS surgical microscopes for dentistry visualize details and fine structures that are otherwise difficult to see therefore enhancing the quality of your examination and treatment in all dental disciplines. Furthermore, the ergonomic design of ZEISS dental microscopes helps prevent back and neck pain.

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