Industrial Quality Solutions

ZEISS Lead Finder Registration

Rules and Information

What is this lead program and who can participate?

The program is for US and Canada channel partner and external sales individuals who are non-exclusive to participate in ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions product sales and benefit from finding customers and institutions. It is not available for ZEISS employees or their relatives, employees of ZEISS channel partners that are from inside their exclusive territory and for products listed in their agreement, existing customers or potential customers, show or event leads, finders or sub dealers of contracted distributors.


  • Valid leads are for six (6) months from date received by ZEISS. Duplicate or extensions to leads for the same project are not accepted.
  • The finder’s fee (% of net sales price, up to a maximum of $10,000) is payable upon ZEISS receipt of payment in full by the customer. For these ZEISS IQS products for sale in US and Canada only. CMM: DuraMax and SPECTRUM (3.0%); CONTURA, MICURA & PRISMO (4.0%); XENOS (1.5%); PRO H-Arm & MMZ Gantry (3.0%). Optical: O-INSPECT & O-DETECT (3.0%). Pre-owned and retrofit: pre-owned or demo machines (3.0%), non-ZEISS software retrofits (4.0%). For surface, contour and form instruments: PC-based Rondcom & PC-based Surfcom (4.0%). For X-ray systems: METROTOM, Bosello, VoluMax, Xradia Context (2.0%); Xradia Versa & Xradia Ultra (1.0%). For automated solutions: CBS (sensors only) (4.0%). For electron microscopes: EVO, Sigma (3.0%); GeminiSEM (2.0%); Crossbeam (1.0%)
  • This program is subject to all relevant state and Federal export control laws of the US and Canada.
  • Program participation does not create an agency relationship between the lead finder and ZEISS. The lead finder is not an agent, employee or representative of ZEISS. Neither the lead finder nor ZEISS has the right to advertise or promote in any way their relationship under this program. Participation does not give either party any rights or obligations to enter into future business transactions. Participation does not mean the lead finder can claim or in any way imply that they are an “authorized” representative/lead finder/business partner/etc.” of ZEISS.
  • ZEISS is not obligated to sell products to customers.
  • The lead finder is solely responsible for withholding and paying any and all federal, state, and local taxes, social security payments, and any other taxes or payments which may be due incident to payments made by ZEISS under this program.
  • The lead finder may not assign its rights under this program.
  • Neither ZEISS or the lead finder will be liable to the other, whether by way of contribution, indemnification or otherwise, for punitive, incidental, special or consequential damages, regardless of whether such claim for damages is based upon delays in delivery, breach of warranty, other breach of contract, strict liability, negligence, or any other theory now known or after adopted by legislation or by any court arising from or related to this program.

Submitting a Lead and How it is Handled

1. Complete the form for the respective lead program. Be sure to read the rules and guidelines. Submitting the form implies acceptance. Print or save a copy of the confirmation page for your records.

2. Learn if it is valid or invalid. When you provide a lead, it goes to the responsible ZEISS salesperson to review. That person checks to see if there is a lead already in existence in our CRM. If a lead does not exist, it is a valid lead. If it does exist, it is invalid. Valid leads move to the next step, while invalid leads are closed. The salesperson will inform you in an email if the lead is valid or invalid.

3. Wait for a potential sale. A valid lead, like any lead, is routinely reviewed by the responsible salesperson. If the lead turns into a sale before the lead expiration date in the rules and guidelines, you will be informed of the sale. For this lead program, there is no need to check the status of your lead, as you will be contacted upon a sale by the salesperson.

4. ZEISS users and ZEISS external account (.ext) users can also check the status of a lead in either the SAP CRM and MS Dynamics CRM. Click here for SAP CRM lead status and here for SAP CRM opportunity status, and here for MS Dynamics lead and opportunity status. Be sure to review the correct Excel tab associated with the lead finder program.