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ZEISS at IMTS 2022

International Manufacturing Technology Show
September 12 - 17, 2022 | McCormick Place, Chicago IL

Our main booth #135502 and CAPTURE 3D, a ZEISS company #135527, both in the Quality Pavilion, East Building Level 3
Booth #433231, in the Additive Manufacturing Pavilion, West Building Level 3
Booth #215400, in the SMARTFORCE Student Summit, North Building Level 1

Quality Assurance Pavilion, East Building Level 3
At our main booth, #135502 in the Quality Pavilion, we will present technologies and application highlights in the areas of ZEISS eMobility Solutions, ZEISS Medical Industry Solutions, ZEISS Aerospace Solutions, and much more. Software is a key focus, with a large stage and seating area covering the topics at right. Stop by, have a coffee and enjoy one of the presentations.

Not far from our main booth, CAPTURE 3D, a ZEISS company, is located at #135527. They are the leading provider of innovative GOM 3D digitizing solutions in the United States. See how their solutions rapidly solve engineering issues, prevent future problems, eliminate iterations, reduce costs and improve quality.

Additive Manufacturing Pavilion, West Building Level 3
Visit us at booth #433231 to see ZEISS additive manufacturing inspection solutions. We offer the perfect inspection verification. Using this unique holistic inspection process for 3D manufacturing, we apply the concentrated competence of all ZEISS technologies. This integrated process brings the most reliable knowledge and thus certainty about the reliability of 3D parts.

Smartforce Student Summit, North Building Level 1
Teachers and students should stop by the ZEISS Academic booth, #215400 to see ZEISS and CAPTURE 3D solutions for academia! Talk with our team to see how we can support your metrology program and try out our machines!

IMTS Conference Session
"Overcoming the Challenges of New Designs, New Materials, and New Printers with X-ray CT" by Curtis Frederick, Additive Manufacturing Application Scientist at ZEISS, on Monday, September 12 at 3:15 PM - 4:10 PM Central. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Software Topics at the Main Booth, #135502
The presentations will be offered most days during the 6-day show. Enjoy free coffee while you listen, talk with ZEISS experts, and see our metrology solutions.

Presentation Title

Stay Competitive with the Latest ZEISS CALYPSO Inspection Features
Maximize the capabilities of your metrology system by using the latest tools and enhancements. See significant performance increases to further reduce inspection time and save money. Benefit from new optimizations for automation.

Monday at 4 PM, Tuesday at 3 PM, Wednesday at 12 PM, Thursday at 11 AM, Friday at 10 AM, and Saturday at 11 AM

Three Tips to Increasing CMM Utilization
Build measurement plans faster offline with the latest MBD tools, dynamically bypass the inspection of characteristics that are well within process control, use offline processing to free up the measuring system and optimize measurement programs to run faster.

Monday at 10 AM, Tuesday at 4 PM, Wednesday at 2 PM, Thursday at 12 PM, Friday at 11 AM, and Saturday at 12 PM

Virtual Clamping: See how software can significantly lower fixturing costs
How much time and money do you spend on fixturing to clamp and inspect parts that are prone to warping? See how you can use 3D scanning to analyze parts in their assembled or functional state by digitally simulating your fixtures!

Monday at 11 AM, Tuesday at 11 AM, Wednesday at 3 PM, Thursday at 2 PM, Friday at 12 PM, and Saturday at 10 AM

Learn how to validate metrology systems for FDA compliance
Businesses depend on suppliers to provide FDA solutions and validation guidance to meet industry standards. We highlight our initiatives to guide customers on the optimum methods to validate measurement plans, CMM systems and inspection processes.

Monday at 12 PM, Tuesday at 11 AM, Wednesday at 4 PM, Thursday at 3 PM, and Friday at 2 PM

Drive part quality by sharing measurement data faster and farther
With ZEISS PiWeb, see how to easily build graphical part stories and custom dashboards, use powerful data mining tools to sort and filter data sets, and view detailed reports on demand to improve part quality.

Monday at 2 PM, Tuesday at 12 PM, Wednesday at 11 AM, Thursday at 4 PM, and Friday at 3 PM

Realize the benefits of Smart Manufacturing with Integrated Solutions
Make your processes more efficient, measure and inspect as many components as possible at the same time, minimize reject rate and save money. See how adding robotic cell systems to existing CNCs on the shop floor can automate your production and provide critical inspection feedback.

Monday at 3 PM, Tuesday at 2 PM, Wednesday at 10 AM, Thursday at 10 AM, Friday at 4 PM, and Saturday at 2 PM

Automated Digitalization to Improve Efficiency and Increase Throughput
Provided by CAPTURE 3D. Interested in automating quality control processes but worry it's too complicated to set up? See how easy implementing automated 3D metrology into the production environment can be with the Virtual Measuring Room (VMR) software module and a ScanBox 3D measuring cell.

Tuesday-Saturday at 1 PM

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