New Battery Inspection Technologies: Leading Industry Experts Discuss X-ray CT and Microscopy

Wednesday, 2nd February 2022 | 11:00 - 12:00 pm (CST)

Battery manufacturers face quality and process control challenges when battery components need to be inspected without being destroyed.

X-ray microscopy and computed tomography are non-destructive techniques that can be used to reveal critical structural defects in batteries, such as aging mechanisms or mechanical deformation effects, among others. Light and electron microscopy solutions round out the inspection portfolio, supporting surface defect analysis, roughness evaluation, cross-sectional measuring, particle contamination, etc. All of these capabilities speed up product development time, increase cost-effectiveness, and simplify failure analysis and quality inspection of lithium-ion cells and other deliverables of new battery technologies.

Highlights of this webinar:

  • ZEISS X-ray CT and Microscopy experts illustrate common inspection applications
  • NEV Industry Manufacturing professional shares real-world hurdles
  • Panel discusses challenges and solutions

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