Time Saving Analysis Tools for Coating Thickness Inspection (Featuring ZEISS ZEN Core and ZEISS APEER)

Wednesday, 5th August 2020 | 10:00 - 11:00 am (CDT)

Highly customized jobs often require multiple software packages for complete inspection results and much of the process remains manual. With an ZEISS APEER custom software solution, the process can be automated and results can be standardized between operators.

This webinar will discuss the ZEISS APEER module and how a unique automated workflow can be developed in a matter of weeks to increase throughput as well as quality inspection accuracy and reproducibility.

Highlights of this webinar:

  • Ease of use offered by the ZEISS ZEN Core user interface        
  • Machine learning algorithms increase speed and accuracy          
  • Automate inspection of large sections that would normally need to be done in
    multiple fields of view

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