Non-ZEISS Direct Interfaces (NZDI)

ZEISS CALYPSO NZDI provides a uniform software platform for all of your machines, reduces training requirements, minimizes work when moving ZEISS CALYPSO measurement plans from one system to another, and simplifies measurement reporting.

Connect Using NZDI Interface

Non-ZEISS Direct Interfaces (NZDI) are direct connections available for many non-ZEISS machines, controllers and probe heads. With CALYPSO NZDI there is no need to remove your existing computer, software or part programs. We provide a direct connection to the system's existing controllers. CALYPSO is installed in parallel with the existing setup and allows both software packages to run on the machine. There are no hardware retrofits, alterations or disruptions to the machine, allowing you to switch between CALYPSO and your existing software. In fact, we recommend keeping existing software and staying with the current service provider for service and calibrations. CALYPSO will read the same calibration data as the OEM software, therefore a calibration in CALYPSO is not required.


Connect Using I++DME Interface

Two methods exist for adding CALYPSO to non-ZEISS CMMs. As an alternative to the NZDI direct interface, CALYPSO may use the I++DME specification. It is based on a client and server relationship to communicate information between the CMM and CALYPSO. The non-ZEISS CMM requires an I++DME Server and can be supplied and supported by the OEM. The non-ZEISS CMM is connected to a I++DME Server and we provide CALYPSO with a I++DME client.


Supported Interfaces

  • Hexagon LEITZ protocol – Typical controllers include Sharpe32z, B3C, B3C-LC, FBPC
  • Hexagon SHARPE protocol – Typical controllers include Sharpe32, Sharpe2
  • Hexagon DEA protocol — Typical controllers include Tutor-P, Master-P, DEA-C, B3P
  • Mitutoyo – Typical controllers include CMMC, UC
  • Sheffield – Typical controllers include SMP, UMP
  • LK/Metris –Typical controllers include LK2000, LK4000, AIM, ACT
  • FARO – Typical models include Edge, Prime, Fusion, Platinum, Quantum, Gold, Silver
  • ROMER – Typical models include Absolute
  • CIMCORE – Typical models include Stinger, Infinite
  • Renishaw I++DME