North America Metrology Services

A one-stop shop for all of your needs.

Our expert engineers use the latest ZEISS technology at our dedicated metrology services locations. It's the best way to get precise, detailed results fast, and without having to invest in inspection tools. We know our own systems best and we're ISO certified, so you can have confidence in our results. Our global network can help you no matter where you are, yet our three local metrology service locations in North America make it so convenient. Let us show you how our affordable services are the answer.

Our Measuring Services

Technology and Processes

Using state-of-the-art ZEISS instruments, our experienced application engineers can measure almost anything quickly and affordably.


See some of the typical industries we serve, what we're able to measure, and see specific examples of how we get results for our customers.

Specific Applications

Airfoil & Blade Components

They have unique challenges: specific protocols, safety concerns, complex geometries and tight tolerances


Gears, Hobs & Rotors

We know these applications, which are among the most challenging of metrology tasks.


Molded Containers & Bottles

We know these applications, which are among the most challenging of metrology tasks.


Kevin Legacy, Metrology Services Business Manager

Kevin discusses ZEISS systems and technology related to our metrology services. As the manufacturer, we have the latest technology to deliver measurement results you can trust. Our affordable solutions are an incredible value when you consider the equipment, engineering experience and facilities available to meet your needs. We're convenient, local, and can quote your project within 24 hours.

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