Gears, Hobs, and Rotors

Inspection Services

The inspection and programming of gears, gear hobs and compressor rotors are among the most challenging of metrology tasks. This is due to complex design geometries, five and six-axis machining processes and close manufacturing tolerances.

ZEISS engineers have literally hundreds of years of experience in performing these challenging applications. We use the most accurate and up-to-date gear/rotor inspection equipment and software. And we work according to thoroughly tested and proven quality processes. You should have total confidence in the inspection results we deliver.

Involute Gears—Involute Profile

Internal/external, spur/helical, gear segment, conical, beveloid

Involute Gears—Straight Profile

Internal/external, serrated spline, parallel key spline

Worm Gears—K-Charts


Gear Hobs

Full and tangential profile

Bevel Gears—Straight/Spiral Profile

Ring and pinion, electrodes, dies, hirth couplings

Rotors—Male and Female

Profile, lead, pitch, root and tip plots

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