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While we can measure just about any part or object from any industry, listed below are some of the more common areas of manufacturing and industry categories. General information and some examples about what is typically measured in these industries are given. We hope we can provide the right solution for your project.

Aerospace: We have unique non-destructive technology and precise solutions.
We offer composite fiber orientation analysis, NDT for castings and pistons (for automotive as well), reverse engineering and simulation studies for assembles components. We also have expertise in electrical components. First article inspection is performed under AS9012 (SAE Aerospace Standard documentation requirements). We measure very large parts, such as flaps and wings. We measure blades with dedicated software and we can reverse engineer any piece or assembly. Freeform scanning, our strength, is typically critical for aerospace parts. And, we can measure very small and micro components.

Automotive: We are known for our measurement work in this industry.
Our machines and technology provide repeatability second to none and we support the needs of small OEM suppliers all the way up to large manufacturers. We have dedicated technology for gear applications and our services are designed for the detailed and high-precision measurement needs of transmissions. Body or interior molded parts benefit from our laser scanning systems to determine part accuracy. Dimensional scanning, surface finish, external dimension, holes, tight tolerances, process analysis, fuel injectors, microparts, pistons, cylinders, camshafts, engine components and performance racing applications are all highlights of our capabilities.

Electronics: Applications here usually require non-contact measurement.
We use tactile to locate the part followed by vision or white light inspection for the rest with our O-INSPECT systems. They have the same scanning sensor found on our CMMs for measuring 3D features, but the optical sensor is perfect for non-contact details. We can easily measure: flexible circuits, connectors, BGA sockets/pins/balls, PCB, pins, dies, stencils, lead frames, Jedec carriers or trays.

Forensics: Our METROTOM CT technology offers the perfect non-contact solution.
We work with industry experts in carefully handling and scanning damaged parts.

Medical Device Manufacturing: We provide extremely accurate and fast metrology solutions.
We have the expertise in measuring medical assemblies, electrical component, implants, dental implants, stents, tubing, hearing aids, nozzles, needles and pins, dental screws, surgical blades, syringes, valves, microparts, and surgical tools.

Micro Parts: Best results are achieved with tactile probing with small styli and light measuring forces.
We use ultra-precision CMMs like our F25 MicroSystem to tackle the toughest jobs. It carries a length measurement uncertainty, MPE(E) = 0.25um + L/667. Our MICURA ultra precision CMM is also used with an MPE(E)=0.7um + L/400.

Plastics: We solve the unique requirements of measuring plastic components.
In the plastics industry, tool corrections are very expensive and time consuming. Incorporating computed tomography into the process will not only speed it up, but it also saves money. We offer a variety of visual and metrology solutions for different areas of the molding process. Defect analysis, wall thickness analysis and assembly analysis will give you the material properties and the quality of the first shots. We do process analysis and void analysis. We specialize in measuring small and soft plastic parts, molds, connectors, implants, etc.

Other Industries
We support the art industry with specific applications for unique and precious, rare items. For gears and hobs, we use many industry nominal data sets and values, or reverse engineering to determine accuracy. Clear reporting of the results combined with feedback from the experts make it possible to quickly improve your process. We have the newest software for measuring hob geometry, drastically reducing programming time for full profile and tangential hobs, all while providing excellent reports.

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