Technology and Processes

Our measuring service advantages.

While other metrology houses and companies offer contract inspection, measuring services, few can claim to also be the manufacturer of the equipment they use. We can. With industrial CT systems, high-precision CMMs, optical and vision systems, our expertise with that very technology is why you can trust our results. That's the kind of confidence you want.

Dedicated ZEISS Technology for Our Metrology Services

We pioneered CT scanning metrology and with ten ZEISS scanners running non stop we can turn-around your job faster and less expensively than anyone in North America.

Analysis capabilities include:
  • First article inspection reports (FAIR) using ZEISS CT CMMs
  • Porosity / Void detection with Pareto analysis
  • Overlay scan data on CAD to quickly isolate molding issues
  • Assembly analysis to uncover internal mating part issues
  • Wall thickness analysis to spot core shift or thin walls
  • Non-destructive leak path determination
  • Cavity to cavity evaluations to improve mold quality

Well-Defined Processes to Complete Your Work

Specific steps are followed to complete your inspection.

  • A non-binding consultation determines inspection requirements and expectations. We can do this in person, by phone or even video conference. Understanding your industry perspective and application challenges is critical.
  • We review part drawing blueprints with desired dimensions highlighted. If available, we'' use your CAD model in native or neutral format.
  • We then determine part fixturing needs, part quantitiies and the project timeframe. Non-disclosure, confidentiality and security issues such as ITAR are considered as we are fully ITAR compliant (isolated laptops, email addresses, and secured storage areas for all parts).
  • Once we receive your parts and materials, we determine the best hardware and software technology for your application and then develop a draft CALYPSO inspection plan.
  • We quote in detail the requirements, expectations, and schedule. Upon project approval, we complete the CALYPSO inspection plan, any necessary fixturing and test the setup.
  • Once it passes, we begin inspection. Reports are generated in formats such as CALYPSO, Excel, PiWeb, etc. We have a peer-to-peer review of the results and then deliver them to you for review.
  • Once a satisfactory solution is provided, we invoice you and return all parts and material. And, we offer a complete back-up of measurement results.

See how our processes benefit you.

Mike Roterdam, Metrology Services Applications Engineer

Mike describes the ZEISS Metrology Services processes. While having the right equipment to accomplish a task is critical, having a set process to determine accurate results is many times more important.

The benefits of CT.

Steve Charney, Metrology Services Technician

Steve describes measuring applications with the METROTOM computed tomography system. See the advantages of non-destructive testing and why metrology services is a great way to try it.

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