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2016 Distributor Business Meeting and Sales Workshop. August 15-17.

For owners and managers, the August 15th business meeting is our time to share goals and strategies, discuss trends, and get your input. For salespeople, the workshop on August 16th and 17th will give you the knowledge and best practices needed to beat the competition. A must-attend event!

Business Meeting and Sales Workshop Registration Form

Please complete this form for each registrant.


In Your inquiry, please consider the following three topics. Then, in the other fields, please provide all contact information so we can verify our records.

  1. Enter your dates of arrival and departure. WE WILL RESERVE THE HOTEL FOR YOU because we have a special ZEISS rate. Unless otherwise specificied, we will reserve one room per registrant.
  2. Provide any special requirements such as dietary needs and special accomodations.
  3. Owners and business managers should indicate if you will attend the business meeting AND the sales workshop.


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