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Elevate Your Research by Upgrading Your System

Precision Enhancements for Groundbreaking Discoveries

At ZEISS, we recognize the transformative power of precision upgrades in pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Our meticulously crafted enhancements are not mere additions; they are gateways to new realms of clarity, efficiency, and innovation in your research endeavors. Delve into our curated selection of upgrades and accessories designed to seamlessly integrate with your ZEISS systems, elevating your work to unprecedented levels of excellence.

  • Experience unparalleled clarity and detail in every observation with our advanced microscopy upgrades, designed for the relentless pursuit of scientific excellence.
  • Equip your lab with cutting-edge tools that transform ordinary experiments into extraordinary breakthroughs, from life sciences to material research.
  • Seamlessly incorporate our state-of-the-art upgrades into your existing ZEISS systems, ensuring your research remains at the forefront of technological advancement.

In the realm of scientific discovery, where ambition meets precision, every detail holds the potential to unlock new horizons.

At ZEISS, we understand the relentless pursuit of excellence that drives the world's leading researchers, scientists, and academic pioneers. Our suite of light microscopy upgrades is designed not just to complement your work but to elevate it, ensuring that every observation is sharper, every result more accurate, and every breakthrough more attainable.

From state-of-the-art cameras that capture the unseen to objectives that redefine clarity, our upgrades are more than just enhancements; they are your partners in the quest for discovery. Whether you're exploring the intricate pathways of life sciences or pushing the boundaries of material science, our solutions are tailored to keep you at the forefront of innovation.

As you strive to make the next great leap in your research, ZEISS stands with you. We're here to ensure that your ambition is matched by the precision and quality of your tools.

Precision at Every Wavelength

Empowering Research with Targeted, Gentle Illumination

Unleash the full potential of fluorescence imaging with the ZEISS Colibri family. Whether it's the robust versatility of the Colibri 7, the high-end precision of the Colibri 5, or the dedicated efficacy of the Colibri 3, each LED light source is crafted to meet the rigorous demands of modern scientific inquiry.

  • Gentle Live Cell Imaging: Protect and preserve the integrity of your living specimens with soft yet effective illumination.
  • Automated Multichannel Imaging: Switch between wavelengths with ease, ensuring swift and seamless channel transitions.
  • Full Spectral Flexibility: Cater to a broad spectrum of fluorescent dyes and proteins with tailored excitation bands.
  • High Excitation Intensity: Penetrate deeper and reveal more with high-intensity LEDs that bring clarity to your samples.
  • Extremely Fast Switching Times: Keep pace with dynamic live-cell processes thanks to rapid LED switching capabilities.

The Pinnacle of Microscope Photography

ZEISS Axiocam Document Detail, Enhance Your Discoveries

Transform your microscopic observations into a canvas of discovery with ZEISS Axiocam. Capture not just images, but stories of scientific progress. Choose the Axiocam that aligns with your quest for precision and detail:

  • Unparalleled Sensitivity & Resolution: From the Axiocam 820's 20-megapixel prowess to the rapid capture of the Axiocam 807, each camera is a gateway to visualizing the minutiae that matter.
  • True-to-Life Color & Monochrome Options: Whether documenting vibrant hues with the Axiocam color series or delving into the depths of fluorescence with the monochrome range, Axiocam cameras articulate every shade and shadow with extraordinary fidelity.
  • Smart, Speedy, and Scientific: Equipped with intelligent features for both education and advanced research labs, the Axiocam ensures no detail is missed, from routine observations to ground-breaking live cell imaging.

Crafting Clarity at Every Magnification with ZEISS Objectives

Tailored for Your Discoveries

With a legacy of precision and a vision for discovery, ZEISS Objectives are your portal to the world's smallest wonders. Our objectives are more than lenses; they are the architects of accuracy, bringing your subjects into focus with unparalleled clarity:

  • Magnify with Meaning: Whether you're delving into the sub-cellular intricacies or zooming in on material microstructures, our objectives transform tiny details into tangible insights.
  • Adapt and Achieve: Encounter the extraordinary with objectives designed for high refractive index adaptability, ensuring crystal-clear images across various experimental conditions.
  • Spectrum of Excellence: Harness the full potential of light, from UV to near-infrared, with objectives that promise exceptional transmittance and chromatic correction.

Navigate Your Data with Precision and Ease

ZEISS Microscopy Software

Step into the future of microscopy with the ZEISS software ecosystem, your centralized command center for a world of exploration. Discover the power and flexibility of ZEN and arivis software, designed to unlock every feature of your imaging station:

  • Intuitive Navigation: From ZEN’s Smart Setup to arivis’s user-friendly interface, embark on a seamless journey from acquisition to analysis, all within an ecosystem that understands your needs.
  • Tailored Tools: Whether it’s ZEN's smart automation and machine learning algorithms or arivis’s advanced AI-driven image analysis, our modular platforms cater to a vast array of applications, ensuring that every analysis is a step toward discovery.
  • Innovative Integration: ZEN and arivis bridge the gap between light and electron microscopy, providing a multidimensional view that’s unprecedented in scope and detail.
  • Cloud-Powered Collaboration: Harness the collaborative potential of arivis Cloud, bringing teams and datasets together for an unparalleled analytical experience.

Unleash your research potential with our interactive Software Finder, a smart guide to the latest software news, upgrades, and functionalities, ensuring you find the perfect match for your application. Connect with ZEISS experts for solutions customized to your research requirements and elevate your findings from sample to knowledge with just a few clicks.

Uncover New Depths with ZEISS Apotome 3

Optical Precision for Fluorescence Microscopy

Dive into the essence of fluorescence imaging with ZEISS Apotome 3, your gateway to unparalleled clarity and depth. Experience the transformative power of structured illumination, designed to enhance your widefield microscope with efficiency and ease. Apotome 3 elevates your research, delivering high-contrast images across a spectrum of specimen thicknesses without compromising simplicity or operation.

  • Enhanced Resolution: Through the use of structured illumination and peer-reviewed algorithms, Apotome 3 transcends traditional fluorescence microscopy limits, offering optical sections of remarkable clarity and depth, enabling 3D renderings of even the most complex specimens.
  • Adaptive Flexibility: Tailored to meet the evolving needs of your research, Apotome 3 seamlessly integrates with a diverse range of light sources and dyes. From standard fluorophores to advanced dyes, adapt your imaging to the requirements of your experiment without constraints.
  • Intuitive Operation: With automatic grid selection and compatibility with leading ZEISS microscope series, Apotome 3 ensures that optimal settings are just a click away. Its user-friendly interface and streamlined process allow you to focus on your research, not the setup.
  • Maximized Comparability: Employ the robust deconvolution algorithms of Apotome 3 to switch effortlessly between widefield, optical sectioning, and deconvolved images. This flexibility enhances image quality while preserving raw data for comprehensive analysis.
Connect with ZEISS Expertise at Your Service

Your journey through the frontiers of microscopy is accompanied at every step by ZEISS’s dedication to excellence and support. Whether you need detailed product information, assistance with software selection, or guidance to refine your research techniques, our experts are here for you. We are committed to forging a partnership that propels your research into new dimensions of discovery. Reach out today, and let’s discuss how ZEISS can contribute to the success of your scientific endeavors.

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