Biotech Kick-Start Program
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Biotech Kick-Start Program

Microscopy-related perks and services to accelerate success of your early-stage biotech startup

Microscopy plays a crucial role in biotech innovation. With its leading portfolio of light, electron and x-ray microscopes, as well as software solutions for AI-powered image analysis, ZEISS has got you covered.

The early stages of entrepreneurship are a constant challenge to meet and exceed your own ambitions as well as your investors’ expectations. Success is a matter of getting the best technology but also a matter of when you get it, and how you unlock its full potential.

That’s why we have tailored a bundle of perks and services to accelerate your success throughout the early stages of your journey: From starter microscopes with quick delivery, to flexible financing options, to training and consultancy services and beyond.

Read on and explore the building blocks of the ZEISS Biotech Kick-Start Program and accelerate your take-off.

Accelerating Your Startup

Get Started

Pick a loaner microscope from our selection of routine startup packages (cell-culture, sample prep) for quick delivery and decide within 2 months to purchase or return the microscope.

Manage your Investment

Choose from various attractive leasing packages to stay in control of your cashflow while still getting access to crucial technology to get you ahead.

Get a Head Start

Limited access to our ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center instrumentation to kick-start your experimental setup. So you can hit the ground running when your built-to-order microscope arrives.

Facilitating Breakthroughs

Get Proficient

Limited access to our application support team for consultation and training on image processing and analysis. So you can extract the insights you really need.

Get Productive

Eligibility to purchase select high-end imaging systems from a limited pool of systems with quick delivery. So you can boost your productivity when you need it most.

Reach for the Stars

Obtain a consultation from our custom software solutions team to automate your image processing, analysis, data handling and reporting tasks. So you can take your research to the next level.

Let's Start the Conversation

Let’s talk about how Biotech Kick-Start can make a difference for your startup. Our local representative will get in touch with you to explain the program in detail.

Do you have challenges that go beyond the program? Please reach out and we will discuss your needs.

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* Eligibility criteria: Early-stage biotech companies, founded no more than 3 years ago, only up to and including Series A funding and having less than 50 employees. Currently only available in Germany and Switzerland.

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