HIM-SIMS - a New Tool for the Geosciences

12 November 2020 · 39 min watch
  • Multiple Helium Ion Microscopy
  • Geoscience

Matt Ball

Ph.D. Candidate
University of Cambridge


HIM-SIMS - a New Tool for the Geosciences

The Helium Ion Microscope is an imaging microscope which offers secondary electron imaging capabilities down to a sub-nanometer scale. With the addition of Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry capabilities, it is an exciting new tool for geological materials. Here I aim to describe the functionality and design of the combined HIM-SIMS instrument, alongside its capabilities for the analysis of geological samples. The HIM-SIMS covers a high mass range from as low as Li, up to hundreds of atomic mass units, at concentrations down to the parts per million with a primary ion probe size below 10 nm. I will present examples demonstrating the capabilities of the instrument along with a short example of a full scientific workflow, for the analysis of extra-terrestrial meteorite impacts.


  • HIM-SIMS - a New Tool for the Geosciences

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