Time to Connect the Dots

In 2006, ZEISS brought excellence to academic and lab microscopy with the introduction of ZEISS Primo Star. Ever since, Primo Star continuously evolved. Nowadays, Primo Star is your entry into microscopy: easy to use and digitally connected. It is where science starts.

On January 24, once again ZEISS is connecting the dots and introducing the next generation. Join us on launch day!

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Spark your own or someone else's curiosity about microscopy

Order your free copy of this special edition of the Wiley book series

This special edition of the known Wiley book series is for all who are interested in microscopes and microscopy. You will find basic information on microscopy, how microscopes work, how best to prepare a sample, the role of contrasting techniques and what a perfect illumination is good for.

Some easy experiments invite you to get used to microscopic preparation and to play around with microscopy.

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