Reproducible Cell Experiments

Realized by AI Cell Confluency and AI Cell Counting

Accuracy and reproducibility are the critical basis for any cell experiments. Cell confluency and cell count are your values to further decide on cell proliferation, viability, to adapt environmental conditions, harvest cells, start transfections, and prepare experiments. And both, cell confluency and counting must work independent from shape, size and type of your cell*.

Manually done, this is can be a rather time-consuming, labor-intensive process with error-prone, subjective results.

Start today to improve the quality of your cell cultures and make your experiments more reproducible. With the ZEISS Labscope modules AI Cell Confluency and AI Cell Counting you get an efficient and reliable way to quickly monitor, count and analyze a cell population. All it takes is the push of a button.

* Cell lines used for AI deep learning network: COS-7, HeLa, hTERT RPE-1, LCPK, LoVo, U2OS.

ZEISS Labscope Module

AI Cell Confluency

The Labscope AI Cell confluency module is easy to use. Really. You simply move your cell culture sample from one area to another, taking images as you go. Using artificial intelligence, the percentage of cell coverage in your cell dish is automatically and instantly displayed. You don't need to set any parameters. It's fast, easy and provides meaningful results.

ZEISS Labscope Module

AI Cell Counting

With the Labscope AI Cell counting module you get an efficient and easy way to quickly count cells in an image. You simply acquire a phase contrast image of your cells and the artificial intelligence algorithm automatically detects and counts the cells for you. You can take images at multiple positions in your dish to accommodate for inhomogeneities. The software then provides the average cell count per area for your cell population at a glance.

The modules require the latest version of ZEISS Labscope for Windows. You can get your free version here: