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Automate your Experiments with Image Analysis and Guided Acquisition in ZEN 3.2

In this virtual workshop led by ZEISS experts, learn how you can optimize your image acquisition using Guided Acquisition on any automated ZEISS microscope run on ZEN Blue.


First create a quick large Field of View overview image and set up an image analysis pipeline to identify the structures you are interested in. On these positions perform any kind of experiment, e.g. high-resolution, Airyscan, z-stack, timelapse, multichannel, and obtain high-content information. Applications range from large tissue samples over rare event detection, e.g. identification of mitotic cells. Save valuable time and disk space by targeted acquisition and imaging in high resolution only those structures of your sample that you are interested in.
For further automation you can combine this workflow with other ZEN modules such as the Direct Processing module and visualize all your acquired data with ZEN Connect to maintain contextual information.


Automate your Experiments with Image Analysis and Guided Acquisition in ZEN 3.2


July 22nd, 2020


10 AM - 12 PM

You will have the opportunity to see the complete Guided Acquisition workflow, including setting up experiments, defining an image analysis to identify the objects of interest, and running the Guided Acquisition process.

Learning objectives:

  • Define the experiments with the LSM 980.
  • Set up an automated image analysis and configure the Guided Acquisition run.
  • Learn about further integration into the ZEN ecosystem: automation, direct processing, and the processing steps in the Guided Acquisition module.
  • Inspect and document the results of Guided Acquisition using ZEN Connect.

Join us for this special workshop, which will be facilitated using live polls as well as webcams for the speakers and systems.

Dr. Marion Lang

Marion obtained her PhD in physics from the University of Heidelberg in 2007 for her work on high-resolution microscopy conducted at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ). After university, she was an application specialist for high-content screening at Olympus. In 2010, she joined TOPTICA, where she worked as a marketing director for diode and fiber lasers in research and industry applications. Before joining ZEISS in 2017, she lived in China for three years, where she worked as a senior researcher at the Laser Institute of the Beijing University of Technology with a focus on applications of lasers in biophotonics. Marion joined ZEISS as a product manager, responsible for image processing, image analysis, and open application development (OAD).

Dr. Frank Vogler

In his PhD and postdoctoral studies at the University of Regensburg, Frank studied cell polarity establishment and polarized tip growth using molecular biology, biochemistry, and quantitative live cell imaging techniques. He joined ZEISS in 2018 as an application specialist for automated and confocal imaging.

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